Turkey Kills Dozens of US Allies in Iraq, Syria

Warplanes Pound Sinjar Area in Northern Iraq

Turkish warplanes carried out a series of coordinated attacks against US-allied Kurdish forces in both northern Iraq and northeastern Syria today, killing more than 70 people, including at least 18 troops loyal to the Kurdish YPG, and pounding the area around the Iraqi city of Sinjar.

Attacks within Syrian territory targeted the city of Derik, in Hassakeh Province, targeting Kurdish military posts. The US arms and heavily backs the YPG, something Turkey has long complained about. The strikes, reflect long-standing Turkish threats to move against the Syrian Kurds.

But it’s not just Syria. The strikes around Iraq’s Sinjar were after PKK fighters in the area, with Turkey’s President Erdogan insisting that he will never allow Sinjar to become a PKK base of operation. The PKK established a presence in Sinjar during the expulsion of ISIS, and have been largely welcomed by the local Yazidi population.

The attacks on Sinjar also killed Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces, who are supposed to be Turkey’s allies. Erdogan insisted that the killing of the peshmerga was unintentional and that he regretted that they got swept up in the strikes.

Turkey’s interventions in Syria have been commonplace, and strikes against PKK targets in Iraq’s far north were also not uncommon. This is something else, however, with more strikes centering around populated areas and against specifically anti-ISIS fighters.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • Halit

    Kurdish people enemy of Turkey, allies of America based on ground to keep Turkey fighting and not to progress.
    So what do you expect?
    Every stone you lift you probably find American dirty / bloody finger under that stone,be planning to owerthtow democratically elected gaverments or CIA assacinations so on so forth.
    American economy based on wars / if there is no wars create one,is the stimulation of their economy so it seams as Iran calls them “Greatest Satan ” perhaps justified.

  • R.P. McMurphy

    Dang, this NATO sheet is tricky.

  • unam_sanctum

    That’s their decision, YPG/PKK, to kill, so they die by the sword.

    • Just like the Vietcong, the Kurds will get the last laugh. Never underestimate a people’s will to be free.

      • Halit

        Remember Armenians?
        Kurds will be kept silence,enjoy been citizen of Turkey,you can bet on your ars.
        They have all the freedom they want in Turkey,even one of them Turgut Ozal was prone minister if the Turkey. So what’s the problem if Kurdish Child had prospect or equal opportunity to become a President what else they wanted?
        Their own country established in Turkey? Over dead body of every single Turks then maybe.
        That’s not going to happen,
        Newer had any chance to happen
        Not having any hope to happen
        Great ottoman empire is the proove that we are not behave good when there is direct threats even to inch of the land.

        • Kiss my ass you revanchist bigot. “Remember the Armenians?” Yeah, I also remember the genocide your great people committed against them and guess what? Now they’re free and so will be the Kurds. The great Ottoman Empire is dead as disco and I’m dancing on it’s grave.

  • The Kurds will never be safe as long as Turkey remains a NATO hammer. Look east, Rojava, look east.