Trump Plan Published Detailing Foreign Aid Cuts

Plan Would Nearly Halve State Dept Aid to Egypt

President Trump’s previously announced plan to slash State Department funding as part of an effort to free up more money to spend on the military has been published today, with details on the programs and countries seeing a cut detailed alongside some countries seeing significant spending increases.

A lot of countries are seeing big cuts in Economic Support Fund spending, with Egypt to lose nearly half of their spending. Some countries, like Poland, are losing 100% of their funding. Despite the emphasis on cuts, however, there are some regions seeing increases.

Iraq is seeing the biggest growth in aid, with their aid to rise 144.9%, while Libya is to see a 130% increase. Interestingly enough, US spending in the occupied Palestinian territories is even expected to increase 4.6%.

This is quite a surprise, with President Trump having played up his cozy relationship with the Egypt junta, and showing little to no inclination to provide aid to the Palestinians. Obviously, the details of where the money is going are not totally clear.

Selling such cuts to Congress may be tricky business, with some Congressional leaders having rejected the State Department cuts out of hand even before the details were published. There is already speculation that influential countries like Egypt might see compensatory increases in military aid to make up for the civilian aid cuts.

The full PDF of the cuts and increases is available here.


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  • John_Smith001

    it is my understanding that money that goes to Egypt is(at least in part) so that their government will put up with Israel, am I wrong? Seems like the extra money to Iraq and Libya would be to try and shore up what ever allied government we are supporting there. Maybe the extra money to Palestine is to try and give the appearance of neutrality in that conflict. Also not sure why Poland is losing all of their aid, since we are apparently not going to be friends with Russia.

    Just trying to understand these bribes; shame we can’t get a little more ‘aid’ back home.

    • richardvajs

      John Smith,
      Our money goes to Egypt, not just “to put up with Israel” but to help Israel trap the Palestinians in Gaza with no outlet into Egypt. Heaven forbid that the Palestinians be able to trade with the World and to buy things forbidden to them by the Israelis such as cement, water treatment chemicals, or macaroni.
      No matter how deeply in debt, America is; no matter how deprived our own working class becomes, our goals will always be full participation in Israel’s genocide and enriching ours and their kleptocrats.

  • Bastiat

    So Iraq and Libya are getting more foreign aid, but what about Israel?

    If Trump really wanted to be an “America-First” president he would call for the elimination of all foreign aid.

  • Anti_Govt_Rebel

    Looking at the list of countries, I was surprised to see that China is going to have to get by with only $23,000,000 in foreign aid, a reduction of $1,500,000. That Trump is such a penny pincher!
    I was shocked to see that China was getting any foreign aid at all!

  • Skywalker

    Jason, I am a little disappointed that there was no mention of Trump’s continuation of aid to Israel in your column. Israel already receives about 60% of all US military aid. It looks like that proportion is about to increase.