Taliban Car Bomb Attacks US Base in Afghanistan

Four Afghan Guards Reported Killed in Attack

Taliban forces have carried out a suicide car bombing attack against the US military base Camp Chapman in Afghanistan’s Khost Province today, killing four Afghan security guards and wounding six others, according to police. The US has denied any coalition casualties in the incident.

Camp Chapman is among the oldest US bases in occupied Afghanistan, and was the site of a major CIA spying operation in the country until a high-profile 2010 attack on the base by a Jordanian double-agent. The base has remained secretive since then, though its exact mission is unclear.

The Taliban confirmed that the attack was their doing, referring to the site as a “mercenary base.” The attack coincided with the visit of Defense Secretary James Mattis to Afghanistan, and while he wasn’t at the base, the attack still underscores the inability of US and NATO forces to secure their own facilities.

This is doubly important right now, just days after the Taliban carried out their biggest attack on the Afghan military of the entire war, there are growing doubts about the ability to defend against major Taliban attacks. Today’s attack just adds to those doubts.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • MvGuy

    The Pashtun have always WON… It’s theirs to lose, so they will fight and die for their barren land. Time for ole unkill Sam to accept this millenia old FACT…. Cut your gains which are OUR LOSSES, We the American taxpayers… It’s absolute madness to fight them on their on ground so far away from ours… Didn’t they read Sun Tzu

  • The Taliban will keep fighting as long as necessary. Why wouldn’t they? Like them or loathe them, it’s their country, and they’re fighting for it. And given their national history, that’s all they’ve ever done against foreign invaders since the days of Alexander of Macedon.

  • Jeffrey Fein

    The main purpose of the Afghan occupation is the revenue it generates for the MIC. Then there is the career advancement of the officer corps, for the common soldier the testosterone-driven “glory” of licensed violence, and for “the leader of the free world” the political value of proving his “tough-guy” bona-fides.

    But mostly it’s the money. War is supremely profitable for the various “service providers”. So long as the profit remains, war will be vigorously promoted. To put an end to war, take away the profit.

    • Gerald scali

      Right on with everything Jeffrey except you omitted the CIA and their control of 90% of the worlds opium from Afghanistan’s vast,fertile and most profitable poppy fields.

  • O rly

    even in the time of the arab conqest afghanistan already was known to be unconquerable.

    it was lead by a man known as the Zunbil and had a religion that is now lost to us, and the arab army sent to defeat him mutinied because it was generally known at the time that no one can defeat the zunbil.