Mattis: US to Increase Support for Saudis in Yemen

Says Backing Saudis Key to 'Overcoming Iran'

Visiting Riyadh, Defense Secretary James Mattis continued to play up the idea of deeper US involvement in the Saudi war in Yemen, suggesting the US would substantially increase aide to Saudi Arabia, while playing up the idea that the deeper US involvement would be against Iran.

Saudi officials have presented the war in Yemen, against a Shi’ite faction, as amounting to a proxy war against Iran, and Mattis played this up, accusing Iran of having created “another militia in the image of Lebanese Hezbollah” with the Shi’ite Houthis.

Which of course is not true. The Houthi movement was primarily a political movement in northern Yemen, which follows a form of Shi’a Islam distinct from Iran’s. They never had more than very tentative ties with the Iranian government, though Iran has become keen to back them since the Saudi war, primarily to spite the Saudis.

US officials are eager to play up the idea of action against Iran, and with no obvious opportunities to do so in any real way, they may have decided that attacking a random Shi’ite faction in Yemen and spinning that as an attack on Iran is in the cards.

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  • MissV

    Stop giving money to countries that are not even DEMOCRACIES! Saudi Arabia is a TERRORIST COUNTRY! They sent 15 of the 19 hijackers to the USA to MURDER OVER 3000 PEOPLE! USA supports TERRORIST DICTATORS just like our own POS TRUMP!

    An extra 30 billion for defense. There goes the USA infrastructure AGAIN! F**K these WARS! Taxpayers are tired of paying for WORTHLESS WARS that does nothing but make corporations wealthier. STOP ALLOWING PROFITEERING off WAR!

    NOTICE how Saudi Arabia is not on the NO FLY LIST? Shows TRUMP SUPPORTS TERRORISM!

    • TellTheTruth-2

      Do you still believe that Saudi’s did it lie? Google “dov zakheim 911” and study and wake up.

      • wars r u.s.

        It is the “official story”. So if the people giving us the official story are in bed with the people they claim did 9/11 does it matter if the official story is bulls**t?

      • MissV

        I only know that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Do you NOT call them TERRORISTS? If not what do you call them, GOOD SAMARITANS?

        You can show me one google, and I can show you about 50 informational documentaries that tell a different story than Saudi and the USA. Why were all the planes in the US grounded other than the one that allowed the Saudi royal family to split from the USA after the attack?

        I wouldn’t believe a word the US government told me if they served it on a crystal plate and gold forks. Want a lie, look to the government. There are LOTS more evidence than just on google. Try walking into a library if you can remember what one was before computers.

        You don’t see Israel on the fly ban either do you? The USA is in the back pocket of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and have been my whole 60 years. When you have something new tell me.

        • TellTheTruth-2

          When I saw the 2nd explosion on 9-11 my Sixth Sense told me, “Don’t jump to conclusions, start to study.” And I did. One of the 1st things I saw were the flight manifests the Airlines put out. And, to my surprise, I could NOT find any Arab names on them. And, to make a long story short, I do NOT believe there were any Arabs on those planes. What I believe is they were hi-jacked via remote control and taken over from the ground and flown by someone sitting at a computer. FYI, I could use Microsoft Flight Simulator and fly an airplane into the twin towers time after time UNTIL Bill Gates got into my computer and completely REMOVED THE BUILDINGS and would not allow them to remain even if I reloaded the program. In truth, if those planes were hooked to my computer, I could have done 911 myself. It’s really that simple. There were NO ARABS on those planes. Dov Zakheim is the 911 master mind. You need to study harder and prove yourself approved … (right click) …

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Hey Hey Donald Trump .. How many “beautiful” children have you killed today?

    • MissV

      Question is the same one I asked back when George Bush Sr., bombed Iraq and I asked how many people died in that attack. The response I got back showed true Americans ignorance, I was asked “who cares?” I care, and in my book that is enough.

  • billothinks

    And of course as usual, Mattis and his evil bevy of professionalist jingoists for profit are completely incapable of providing a single sensible reason for why we should have anything whatsoever against Iran, a country that has done no harm to anyone in the region since the 1980s war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. “But Iran is the world’s leading exporter of terrorism” he would have you believe, and believe it all the more because he can find no good argument whatsoever to support such a nonsensical claim. If he really wants to find the worst exporter of terrorism in this world all he really needs to do is look into a mirror or take a glance at the other jingoists for hire seated at his table!!

  • rosemerry

    Mad Dog pandered to Netanyahu first, of course, and pretends that Iran is a “top sponsor of terror” when chatting with democratic hero Saudi Arabia.
    Even the words remain the same when these cutout figures parrot their speeches.

  • Yeah, let’s do the worst thing we can possibly do. 🙁

  • unam_sanctum

    The House of Saud are just another Anglo-Israeli puppet regime, Iran would knock them down like a house of cards… that time is coming, one way or another the House of Saud will eventually fall.

  • survivor

    LOL, and these A$$ clowns call Assad a butcher. Look in the mirror Mattis.