Taliban Infiltrates Afghan Base, Kills 140 Soldiers

Single Deadliest Taliban Attack on Military of the Entire War

Afghan MPs were warning that the death toll is continuing to rise today after yesterday’s infiltration and attack of an Afghan military base near Mazar-e Sharif, which was initially reported to have killed around 50 soldiers and is now shaping up to be the single deadliest Afghan attack on the military in the entire war.

Taliban attackers in Afghan military vehicles wearing uniforms got through the external checkpoint to the base, bombing their way past a secondary checkpoint, then launched shooting attacks against the base mosque, just finishing Friday prayers, and the cafeteria, which was just starting to serve lunch. At least 140 are now confirmed dead, with some warning the toll could ultimately exceed 200.

Afghan officials are reeling after the incident, both because the area around the base was long considered an unusually calm part of Afghanistan, and because it took only a handful of Taliban to kill such a huge number of Afghan soldiers in the surprise attack.

The Taliban reported 10 attackers involved in the strike, as well as four Afghan soldiers who were on the base working as infiltrators who led the rest of the attackers to the places with the most people. Considering that some 3,000 to 4,000 soldiers were in the mosque at the time of the attack, some are saying the toll could easily have been a lot worse.

The Afghan government has ordered a day of mourning after the attack, and has promised an investigation to try to find the soldiers who helped the Taliban. Given the omnipresence of Taliban infiltrators throughout security forces, however, rooting out these specific ones may be an enormous task.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • Luchorpan

    Let’s hope others don’t learn to fight in this way…

    • EAGLE

      Russia has entered American and Canadian airspace with Nuclear bear bombers 4 times this week.Just to show how biased and pro-Russian and anti-America this site is they’ve posted and reported nothing on it.Just goes to show how biased this site is.They’re quick to put up stories about American aggression but when Russia invades other nations airspace with nuclear bombers that the USA has to scramble F-22 fighter jets to chase them out we get crickets from antiwar.Seems like there’s nothing Russia can do wrong in Antiwars eyes.I thought this site was against war no matter who it was starting it,geez was I wrong I’ll say it again this is an Anti-American Pro any American adversary website and y’all not reporting on those intrusion by the Russian’s proves my point.USA

      • Luchorpan

        I’m unaffiliated with Antiwar. I’m a semi-anonymous poster, same as you. I claim to be American, but I could of course be from Russia, or even North Korea.

        There’s a difference between the US state and the US nation (people). I don’t believe US foreign policy serves either state or national interests. I have never seen a US intervention serve our interests. It’s a mystery why US conservatives mistrust our government on domestic issues but not on foreign.

        As for Russia, I don’t know the context of why it sent in planes nor why such wouldn’t have been mentioned here, but Pat Buchanan had a pretty good article up recently: http://buchanan.org/blog/trump-enlisting-war-party-126799

        I oppose US foreign policy to varying degrees. If the US were competent and not intending on creating chaos, I might cheer as it attacks ISIS. Who likes ISIS? Get them bad guys. I don’t believe the US is needed to protect the world from ISIS, however.

        Pat Buchanan gave an excellent solution to Libya: Invite Egypt & Algeria to each restore order in half of Libya in exchange for oil rights.

        Pat Buchanan and Justin Raimondo come up with multiple common sense, simple solutions all the time to foreign policy debacles. They’re not the only ones.

        Srđa Trifković warned the Egyptian revolution would turn out badly for the Coptic Christians there. It did. I’m a Paleoconservative (roughly), and I follow the old Paleocons. And I follow Justin Raimondo, who insists on being different (he’s a “Paleolibertarian”).

        Nonintervention has a deep right-wing history and present-day support. Sadly, putting America First doesn’t pay, so there’s no FOX News-type tv channel advocating putting Americans first.

        • MvGuy

          Nice commentary… You seem to have cut through the propagsnda.. It takes a really hot knife to.slice the.line between.the truth.and the lies from the fiat reality the piad trolls of empire ….

      • Joao Alfaiate

        The Taliban’s answer to MOAB!

      • survivor

        Maybe if the U.S. and NATO were NOT conducting massive war games right on Russia’s border, then Russia wouldn’t send bombers into our sphere of influence. Don’t say our airspace because they were actually flying in international airspace since they were over 30 miles away. BTW in the macro of things yes Russia hasn’t been the belligerent on the world seen; only the regime changers and belligerents of Washington DC.

        • EAGLE

          Yes you’re right there’s nothing Russia can really do about NATO on it’s doorsteps unless it risks it’s own annihilation in the process and this intrusion was just a desperate attempt for attention to get some headlines since its clearly becoming more diminished on the world stage.I mean they have a leader that never gives up power,a ruble that’s virtually worthless,NATO on it’s doorsteps,and all it’s influence diminished in Syria by USA tomahawk missiles.My original point was why wasn’t it reported on this site.That’s easy because this is an Anti-America propaganda site that’s biased against my country America…USA

          • MvGuy

            Who are you with your quasi literate patois… calling the USA “My country” Where are you from and HOW do you get license to call it “my country” ….. What is your excuse for your less than literate comments and claims of ownership?

        • MvGuy

          “World scene” maybe…???? Where did you learn this patois of English.?

      • Gort

        The Russian aircraft did not enter American airspace but rather something called the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). The U.S. claims no sovereignty over this zone and does not honor ADIZ requirements established by other nations.

      • Luchorpan

        Our future is very dire, because of this empire.

        Bill Kristol declared fairly how we might should import a new citizenry if the current one wouldn’t support the empire. All these foreign policy experts see us as is tools for their empire.

        The empire doesn’t serve us. It’s just something we pay for.

        We especially pay for it with these bad trade deals.

        For whatever reason, the commenters here tend to be left-wing. However, it is deeply right-wing to oppose these wars. A war with Mexico would make more sense than the insanity we’re faced with today. Mexico is overrun with drug lords.

        If we enforced immigration laws such that illegals weren’t here (they’d self-deport if we passed common sense policies), then likely drug traffic couldn’t hide so easily.

  • Alija Izetbegović


  • CerebusTV

    “it took only a handful of Taliban to kill such a huge number of Afghan soldiers in the surprise attack.”

    But… aren’t the Taliban also Afghan? Why are we even there, aside from the militaty-industrial profiteering?

    It is so sad that the killing continues. Each casualty, whatever side – the killing side all fight on – is an individual human being with a soul like that of you or me.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    Things are going well for another 20 year committment in BFE.

  • InalienableWrights

    Sad, but they the flock are the there?
    Did Afghanistan invade the US, and Congress has declared war for the first time since 1941?