US Sends Carrier Strike Group to Korean Peninsula

Officials Say Move Response to North Korean 'Provocations'

Pentagon officials say that in response to “provocations” from North Korea, they have deployed the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group to the Korean Peninsula. The deployment is intended to “show a presence in the region.”

National Security Adviser HR McMaster insisted that the move was “prudent,” because President Trump wants a “full range of options” to engage against North Korea and force the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Though officials are citing North Korean “provocations,” the context of the deployment is primarily that the Trump Administration has been openly seeking options against North Korea, and that those options include the US deploying nuclear arms to South Korea, along with possibly assassinating the leadership of North Korea’s government.

Indeed, over the past couple of weeks virtually all of the “provocation,” beyond one failed missile test, has been on the US side, with the moves seen primarily as trying to pressure China ahead of last week’s visit by President Xi Jinping. While the Chinese president is generally favorable to nuclear disarmament, he would almost certainly not endorse US military aggression as the way to get there.

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