US Considers Putting Nukes in South Korea

Officials Says Assassinating Kim Jong-un Also an Option

New reports out of NBC News today have some alarming details about the Trump Administration North Korea policy review, and the set of options the White House is being presented with to “respond” to North Korea’s continued attempts to develop nuclear weapons.

Among the options being considered, according to officials, is for the US to start positioning a number of nuclear weapons in South Korea. The US withdrew its nuclear weapons from Korea 25 years ago, and a new deployment would be seen as a major provocation for China, as well as North Korea.

Not such a big provocation for North Korea as one of the other options, is to just assassinate Kim Jong-un and other North Korean officials outright, with former NATO commander James Stavridis saying that the killings are “always a tempting strategy.

As with many of the other official statements on North Korea lately, this is seen as having a lot to do with China, with  officials conceding that the threats of dramatic escalation of the tensions with North Korea might add pressure to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is presently visiting the US, to impose some sort of solution on North Korea himself.

Trump Administration officials have repeatedly insisted they believe China could quickly and unilaterally solve North Korea with little effort, though the US has also ruled out any Chinese solution that involves any sort of diplomacy.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of