US Navy Grounds T-45 Training Jets Because Instructors Won’t Fly in Them

Pilots Suffering Symptoms From Oxygen System Problems

The US Navy has announced it is grounding all of its T-45 training jets for at least the next two days, because dozens of instructors are refusing to fly in them over safety concerns related to problems with the oxygen systems.

Reports emerged yesterday that over 100 instructors were refusing to fly in the jets and were claiming “urgent problems” with the planes’ oxygen systems, which they said that the Navy leadership was refusing to address.

The problem has apparently been growing for years, with recent testimony from top naval pilots saying that the number of physical symptoms that people were experiencing related to oxygen system problems in the T-45 had quadrupled over the past five years.

The testimony fueled some criticism within Congress, and demands that the Navy get to the bottom of the matter, though it appears that the growing number of instructors refusing to fly in them was the tipping point for the leadership, which insists they grounded the planes for “safety” reasons.

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