US Commander Announces New Deployment to Poland Starting in April

Around 1,200 Soldiers to NE Poland in Response to Russia's Annexation of Crimea

US Army Lt. Col Steven Gventer, today announced that the United States will be leading a battalion of NATO troops on a deployment into northeastern Poland, beginning in early April, as the latest in a string of NATO deployments “in response” to Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea.

Some 1,200 troops are expected to be sent, with over 900 US troops providing the largest portion of this new battalion. 150 British troops will also be involved, along with 120 Romanian troops. Britain is also deploying a substantial force into the nearby state of Estonia as part of the same operation.

Three years after Crimea seceded from Ukraine, and was immediately granted accession into the Russian Federation, NATO is continuing to use it as an excuse for a buildup, claiming Russia poses some sort of general threat to Eastern Europe, and to the Baltic states in particular.

Lt. Col. Gventer continued to play the Russian card throughout discussions of this deployment, saying that this is not a training mission, and that US troops “are fully ready to be lethal” against Russian forces in this new effort. The overall NATO operation is expected to be fully deployed by June.

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  • DavidD

    Lets just imagine that China or Russia is sending battalions of troops to new bases on the Mexican-US border, while constantly sending out messages that they view the USA as the main threat to their futures and a sometimes calling the USA an existetial threat?

    How do you think the US would react to that? Given that the USA reacts with outraged anger at the notion of Russia having troops within its own country and to the notion of China having a fleet in a sea called the “China Sea” just off their shores, the US would probably regard such a buiildup on its border as an act of aggression and people like Mad Bomber McCain would be calling for a pre-emptive nuclear strike in response.

    • TellTheTruth-2

      Exactly .. but worse yet is with increased tensions and the !@$@$ ZioCON/Communists having changed our policy from “no first use of nukes” to a “we’ll use nukes first” policy, false reports of missile launches that were ignored in the past because tensions were not as high, could now result in a “hair trigger” response and an accidental nuclear war. Let’s PRAY Trump wins and we can lower tensions.

  • Andrew_Nichols

    The “sky is falling in” hysteria has some way to go yet. 1. A criminal waste of monmey 2. potentially existential danger. Thank God the Russians are more civilised and level headed than our lot.

  • dieter heymann

    Given our constitution there is only one person who can order or stop this. It is the President of the USA not the so-called, non-existing, fantasy “deep state”.

  • Neuromancer

    US troops in northeastern Poland — defensive.

    Russian troops in western Russia — offensive.

    Welcome to the Bizarro World.

    • Maximillian Cunningham

      I’m glad we’re sending our boyz to kick some ass, and take names,
      the poles have been a thorn in our side for generations,,

      “Welcome to the Bizarro World.”

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Russia’s Annexation of Crimea <— The Crimean people, formerly part of Russia, VOTED to RETURN TO RUSSIA after Obama, Hillary, and Victoria Nuland OVERTHREW the democratically elected government in Ukraine.

  • JimBass56

    The Poles are sucking us into WW3 just like they did the Brits, and ultimately us, in WW2.

    • Don

      What a dumb thing to say.
      What kind of hope could there possibly be for the antiwar cause when ignorant Americans still can’t understand that Nato is the warmaking arm of the US?
      This kind of stupidity has to be attributable to Trump’s uninformed comment on Nato being obsolete!

      Please folks, we must rise above that nonsense in order to make any progress at all!

    • Maximillian Cunningham

      For God’s sake, read a book !

  • rosemerry

    What is the matter with the USA? It cannot stop its constant, dangerous incursions everywhere it can go. NATO does NOT need to cause more strife. Take all the US troops home, give them real jobs doing something useful.

    • Don

      It’s Trump’s/the US’s way of making America great again. Somebody please tell Raimondo.

  • Don

    This escalation of Nato forces toward Russia’s borders has nothing to do with Trump. Therefor everybody should be asking if US Army Lt. Col Steven Gventer has asked permission from Trump for this move.


    So whatever you people find out about that, perhaps you should take the time to inform Raimondo?

  • Jo Syphus

    It is not for nothing that we get all the Polack jokes