Hezbollah: Israel Attacking Syria to Prevent ISIS Being Defeated

Nasrallah: ISIS' Defeat Would Be Hezbollah's Victory

Addressing the flurry of Israeli attacks against Syria in recent days, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says he believes Israel is deliberately trying to help ISIS in an effort to prevent ISIS from suffering outright defeat in Syria amid growing pressure.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed the Friday attacks, which started the latest flurry, targeted a weapons convoy intended for Hezbollah forces, who are in Syria fighting alongside the government against ISIS and other rebel forces.

Nasrallah, however, said that Israel has been using “all kinds of excuses” throughout the war to intervene, and that what they are really afraid of is an ISIS defeat, because that would mean a Hezbollah victory. This is largely in keeping with Israel’s own narrative on the Syrian Civil War, despite the pretense of neutrality.

Israeli officials have repeatedly expressed concern that the survival of the Assad government would mean that a Shi’ite ally of Iran would remain along their border. Moreover, last summer Israel’s Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevy, their military intelligence chief, publicly declared that Israel does not want to see ISIS defeated in the war, and prefers ISIS over the Assad government.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • Nick Mulgrave

    Who was it that said “you’re either with us, or you are with the terrorists?”

  • EME

    Who was it that said “you’re either with us, or you are with the terrorists?”…

    I believe Dubya belched out that phrase to Congress and ‘us’ masses while
    under the influence of an [alcoholcocaine] induced binge.

    It’s obvious who the real ‘terrorists’ are on this planet.

  • Bianca

    Israel is no friend of ours. Provided medical assistance to Al-Qaeda throught the war, treated over 2,200 heavier wounded terrorists. But so did Germany and others.
    Now, it interfered in Palmyra region where after liberating the city, Syrian government is moving further into ISIS held area. ISIS is one of the top priorities for Trump, but not for Israel. The Hezzbollah excuse does not work — it is clear that Israel does not want Syria to prevail over terrorists. Israel and Saudi Arabia are allies in this fight — and it will be very interesting to see if Trump has been forced to back off. What are US soldiers going to Syria for? Help Israel to make ISIS win? Israel and the Europeans ade clearly not giving up on Al-Qaeda either. But with Turkey orchestrating a loud divorce from Europe — something bigger is at stake.

    Russia has many crews demining the Palmyra region, as well as special ops helping Syrian Army. Israel of course knew that.

    There were a few curious statements from Russia weeks before Israel’s action. First, Israel was advised to communicate to Lebanon on any issue regarding Hezzbolah, as it is part of Lebanese armed forces. Also, that Russia never gave Israel permission for any actions in Syria. Israel’s shock was compounded by Lebanese President making it clear that Lebanon recognizes Hezzbollah as iLebanese militia. If course, it always was — but Israel preferred some ambiguity on that score. While Lebanon had no government — it was easy to muddle the issue — but no more. Why would Hezzbolah need to smuggle weapons from Syria — when it can legally acquire it in Lebanon? And unless Israel plans another attempt at taking a chunk of Lebanon — why care about Hezzbolah? I suspect that partially it is the sense of entitlement — Hezollah gave them a defeat in 2006, and out of a habit to mask a defeat, kept playing with the fire in the Middle East. Now, that their ambassador has been summoned in Russia — things are getting serious.

    • Mark Thomason

      “Israel is no friend of ours. Provided medical assistance to Al-Qaeda throught the war, treated over 2,200 heavier wounded terrorists.”

      For our own neocons and hawks like Hillary, that is what made them our friends. They used al Qaeda. They did not like them. They felt free to betray and kill them, but all the same they used them.

    • Selous Scouts

      The zio-masonic state of Israel uses US Tax slave debt bondage monopoly dollars paid for F-16 & other paid for aircraft to protect Al-Qaeda terrorists in the Golan Heights and illegally bomb Syrian military & the Lebanese Christian allies hezbollah that is fighting the fake terrorist group ISIS also

    • MvGuy

      I think Bianca is antiwar.c-m’s

  • Mark Thomason

    Israel has long said it sees Assad as a bridge between Iran and Hezbollah. Therefore, ANY attack on Assad is an attack on “weapons to Hezbollah” in official Israeli-think.

    • Bianca

      Israel sees enemies everywhere. It just happens that Shia population lhappens to populate areas that Israel covets. And mastery over Iran and Egypt a true prize. So, Shua are the undesirable factor that cannot be reconciled with Saudi concept of Islamic governance. So anything Shia must be vanquished in war, divided and subjected to Sunni rule. Take Bahrein for example. When Saudi tanks rolled into Bahrein, no screaming was heard from the human rights European value crowd. And there, a tiny minotity is holding under a true apartheid rule over 80% of Shia population. Just few weeks ago –Israel has sent asvisors to the government of Bahrain — it is not hard to imagine what kind of expertise is Israel bringing to Bahrein. And take Yemen. Before the boneheaded Clinton idea to “unite” two “Yemens”, what was North Yemen in fact was the only Yemen. The southern Sunni region was never in any meaningfull way linked to northern, mountainous Shia Yemen. The idea from the beginning was tomcontrol Shia by Sunnis. But the two millenia of Zaidi Yemeni Shia dinasty could not accept such artificial construct — and in fact Southern Hadhramouth was no less eager to be independent. So what happened? The token Shia president was ousted in uprising, and a Sunni declared the president. Ever since, Saudi barbarity obsessed with Shia independence — displayed the astonishing level of narrowminded cruelty. Yet, we are carrying the water for this insanity, as Israel can think of nothing else but Iran. So, Yemen that could not care less for geopolitics from their high mountain perch — suddenly became Iran’s ally, and a threat. We add to the illusion by calling them Houthis — by the name of their leader. This is so any curious reader will not find out the histiry of Yemen Zaidi, and their persecution at the hands od Mecca over thousand years ago. We are participating in efforts to marginalize and destroy Shia population, using Saudi stupidity to advance Israeli ideas of the future Middle East. The problem with ALL people who wish to hurry up history, who think that they can create a more superior world is always same. It costs mankind a lits of lives, suffering and anger ghat lasts for generations. Such iis our effort to reshape Middle East. It is costing millions of lives, lost homes, lost futures for generations. And would it bring about the nirvana the architects of such revolutions sought? Of course nott.

      But the blindness that comes with the Hubris, cannot even see the Nemesis rising out of the ashes.

  • rosemerry

    Why is Israel the only “nation” in the world that matters?

  • Selous Scouts

    Hezbollah is allied with the Christians in secular Lebanon and is the major reason why Lebanon is not being ‘Clean Breaked” like secular Syria is for the zio-masonic plans for WWIII

    • Bianca

      You made me laugh aloud! Clean breaked! With your permission I will use this very meaninfull phrase!

      • Selous Scouts

        Ty, that document is the plan these war criminals are using to destroy the Middle East and the West for their one world government. Once you know about that than you realize all the bs you see and read about these wars are all lies

    • Sarastro92

      “Clean Breaked” … exactly Lebanon has side-stepped the insidious neoCon Likud genocide plan called “Operation Clean Break”

      • Selous Scouts

        Because of Hezbollah. It seems like they have exchanged destroying Lebanon, with Yemen, for the moment

        • Sarastro92

          Get your facts straight. Hezbollah saved Lebanon by repelling the last Israeli invasion. They are staunch patriots and widely admired for their bravery.

          Hezbollah also has been active in fighting ISIS in Syria with Russia and Iran.

          • Selous Scouts

            My “Clean Break” facts are correct, they switched destroying secular Lebanon for now, and replaced it with Yemen

          • Sarastro92

            Stop the BS… you don’t even know what Operation Clean Break is…

          • Selous Scouts

            No such thing as “Operation Clean Break” you buttmunch as Mike Judge would call you. Now go play fetch and gtfo out here so adults can discuss what the Bolshevik lying MSM does not want us discussing

          • Sarastro92

            Really ahole …whom do you think you are kidding ?anyone can easily look up the original documents from Johns Hopkins University as well as Wiki and many other sources.

          • Selous Scouts

            It’s a “Policy Paper” that was written up by war criminal dual citizens for the Likud party, and in which they have their Golems that they control in the US propaganda outlets and congress follow. Do not ever respond to any of my posts. I don’t want to be bothered with dumb people who haven’t a clue like yourself.