US Rejects China’s Proposed North Korea Deal

Insists Diplomacy Not Viable With 'Irrational' North Korea

Trump Administration officials were quick to address North Korea today with a statement which has been a a favorite for several administration – “all options are on the table.” Yet the rest of the official comments on North Korea made it clear this was not the case, with officials openly confirming they don’t consider diplomacy a “viable” option at all.

All of this is coming up today because China, which has been pushing the US and North Korea toward diplomacy for years, made a proposal that the US would halt its South Korea wargames in return for North Korea stopping development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. North Korea never had a chance to respond, because the US dismissed the idea out of hand more or less immediately.

South Korean officials jumped the gun and ruled the deal out even before the US did, insisting that the annual wargames, simulating a joint US-South Korean invasion of the north, are “purely defensive in nature,” and that trying to link them to North Korea’s program is “unacceptable.”

North Korea has insisted for years that its development of such weapons are a response to the ever-growing annual wargames, so while US and South Korean officials insist it is “unfair” for China to link the two, they are clearly not unrelated.

The problem, rather is that as with North Korea’s proposal to scrap its program for a peace deal ending the 1950s Korean War, the US government doesn’t want to make a deal, and remains comfortable with the status quo, which keeps large numbers of US troops deployed in the Korean Peninsula.

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  • Don

    So that didn’t take Trump long to create a possible crisis situation.

    • John_Smith001

      To be fair, it isn’t like any previous administration had any actual interest in actual peace with NK or China.

      • Don


        Now do your homework and prove yourself wrong.

    • Eileen Kuch

      You forgot his predecessor, Barack Obama, who had tossed sanctions all over the place, mainly against these three nations. Don’t defend this traitor, Don, he doesn’t deserve it. All he deserves is solitary confinement in a cold cell somewhere in the bowels of Leavenworth for what he’s done in the 8 years of his Presidency.
      I agree with John Smith on this, not you. To be actually fair, it’s not like any previous administration had any real interest in actual peace with N. Korea or China.
      Do you really hate Donald Trump that much, that you’d accuse him of deliberately doing what his predecessors had done? Remember, whatever changes he’s had since his inauguration were forced upon him by the deep state. Why didn’t Obama just do as his predecessors had done after leaving office? Return to Hawaii, as Bush II had returned to his Texas ranch after 8 years in office? In Hawaii, O could play as much golf as he wanted. He could go sailing.
      Obama didn’t do that .. He bought an expensive mansion in the wealthiest neighborhood in DC and moved into it a couple of weeks after Trump’s inauguration, along with Michelle and his closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett. He did this for one purpose and one purpose only .. And, that’s to overthrow the legitimately elected gov’t. of Donald Trump and destroy America.
      Of course, Trump isn’t perfect .. Nobody is. However, he’s not a politician .. he was the CEO of a huge corporation for 4 decades and had negotiated with other corporate CEO’s – both domestic and foreign – as well as with foreign political leaders. He’s a multi-billionaire who’s funded his own campaign, so he’s answerable only to the people and not special interests.

      • Don

        I would say you’r partly right on Obama, and all other presidents since the issue has been an issue. But judging from Trump’s track record so far, there’s no more dangerous and hawkish president than Trump has been so far.

      • Don

        Your country never did have any real wish for peace with North Korea but there were negotiations that dictated mainly US terms. Do you have any idea at all what negotiations took place under Obama.

        Trump is a lot less than not pdefect and your ears must be burning to defend him as being anything better than a rabid warmongering psychopath.

        Or is that all fake news for proven little liars? Is it something he said in his inauguration speech or is it something you just think he said? LOL

  • jsinton

    Like anybody wants to talk to the guy that kills his own brother?