Comey: Americans Shouldn’t Expect Absolute Privacy

Comey: Americans Shouldn’t Expect Absolute Privacy | ‘There is no place outside of judicial reach’

While most of the Trump Administration was lamenting the WikiLeaks revelations about CIA surveillance as another dramatic blow to national security, primarily in that it revealed yet more abuses of privacy on top of the NSA scandals of recent years, FBI Director James Comey took a different direction, downplaying the revelations and insisting Americans should never expect the government isn’t spying on their communications.

There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America, there is no place outside of judicial reach,” Comey insisted, going on to say that any conversations an American has with their spouse, with members of the clergy, even with attorneys, isn’t really private and could be gotten if the government really wanted.

Comey’s assurances that such data gathering was always “reviewable in court” was little comfort, given the increased federal reliance on secret surveillance courts, who exist solely to rubber stamp secret orders allowing broad surveillance operations that would otherwise be illegal.

It also ignores the reality that the NSA and CIA are both supposedly forbidden by law from spying on Americans, and yet the NSA was caught conducting mass surveillance on literally all Americans, and new documents suggest the CIA was doing the exact same thing.

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  • Dennis Boylon

    These traitors don’t give a damn about the 4th amendment.

  • TheManInTheBunker

    As the cell door swings shut on Liberty in America, the jailer finally speaks the truth.

  • Anti_Govt_Rebel

    May he burn and scream as he is boiled in the lake below.

  • Eileen Kuch

    Comey’s nothing more than a liar. The 4th Amendment to the US Constitution explicitly prohibits search and seizure without a warrant stating probable cause. This now includes electronic “snooping into people’s computers, as well as landline phones and cell phones. A warrant stating probable cause must be obtained from a magistrate before conducting such electronic “searches”.
    The nation’s Founders added the right to privacy to the Constitution for a very good reason. Before the American Revolution, British soldiers pushed their way into people’s homes and searched for “contraband” w/o any warrant whatsoever, terrorizing the population in the process. Once having gained independence, the Founders wrote up a constitution to prevent a repetition of the invasions of privacy.
    Why Comey was kept on as FBI Director by Trump is surprising, after what he had failed to do regarding Hillary Clinton’s classified e-mails. Perhaps, it was a way of keeping tabs on him .. that Trump was adhering to the adage “Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer”.