Dozens Killed in Suicide Attacks in Syria’s Homs

Military Targets Rebel District With Airstrikes

Fighting broke out in the Syrian city of Homs over the weekend, with suicide bombers attacking a pair of government security offices in the city, shooting the offices up before detonating themselves, and killing dozens of people in the process.

Details are still emerging, but ISIS-linked rebel faction Tahrir al-Sham has claimed credit for the attacks, which killed Gen. Hassan Daaboul. Tahrir al-Sham claimed there were five suicide attackers involved in the two attacks overall.

The Syrian military responded by bombing the last rebel neighborhood in the city, wounding around 50 people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Its unclear, given how many rebel factions are active in the area, whether the targeted area was at all related to the faction which attacked the offices.

There was also speculation that the incidents would have an impact on the Geneva peace talks, though since Tahrir al-Sham was never a party to those talks in the first place, this appears unlikely, and is just another case of ongoing violence, as with many across the country, that is happening outside of the limited ceasefire.

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