Sen. Graham: 2017 Is the ‘Year of Kicking Russia in the Ass’

Sen. Graham: 2017 Is the ‘Year of Kicking Russia in the Ass’ | Says Trump should work with Congress ‘to punish Russia’

Declaring 2017 to be “a year of kicking Russia in the ass,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) is pushing for a new series of anti-Russia measures in Congress, saying he expects to push President Trump to take a tougher stance against Russia with new sanctions.

The always hawkish Graham made the comments with respect to questions about possible Russian involvement in the 2016 US presidential election. Graham is one of several senators eager to launch anti-Russia investigations with respect to the election and other general issues.

Of course, Sen. Graham has been pushing anti-Russia measures since long before the election allegations, and will be pushing such measures in Congress long after the election has been forgotten. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov shrugged off the comments, however.

“I have seen no facts,” Lavrov said of the allegations, “just some accusations that we tried to hack some Democratic Party website.” The lack of facts has been a recurring problem with the push to “punish” Russia for it, though within Congress their appears to be near unanimity that such allegations wouldn’t keep being repeated if they weren’t true.

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  • MvGuy

    Aw gawd… This Lindsay Graham along with Joe Lieberman are the guys who werked so diligently to put the evidence of child rape in Iraq beyond the reach of prosecutors… What a pair! And speaking of what a pair, it looks like -Our President th’Don seems to be power surfing above the rantings of the pantsuit mafia… to new heights of good newz-speak.. and ratings.. Who would have predicted such.

  • RickR35

    Just what are these individual’s problems?

    • Mary Myers


      • Tecumseh1768

        And overcompensation.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Shame on North Vietnam for letting McCain go free.

    • wars r u.s.

      They didn’t want him either.

  • longlance

    Graham is a sociopath. He won’t be happy until Washington, New York, & Charleston,SC are smoking holes in the ground.

    • MvGuy

      I wouldn’t wanna be in Charleston if trouble with Russia went nuclear..
      What a self destructive foool… Çould it be possible that he would be again elected to any office above dog catcher after putting a big ole bulls eye on CHARLESTON for a couple of those MIRV CLUSTERS that would inevitably target DC… What an idiot….

  • arnieus

    Hey Lindsey. You go kick Russia in the ass. Let us know how it goes.

    • Tecumseh1768

      If by “You go kick Russia in the ass” you mean have some underling file a legal brief then Lindsey is your…..”man”

  • Vic Pittman

    When will this warmongering Prima-donna just die and go back to Hell ?

    • Sertorius

      Along with McCain.

  • Mikronos

    While Lindsey is busy trying to kick Russia in the ass, the New York Bankers might be throwing a f*ck into him. America’s real problems are domestic.

    • Don

      Domestic yes, but there is something much more important to the future of the US. It’s something that will definitely make domestic problems much worse.

      It’s foreign policy. It’s the pending catastrophic event for the US of the Brics economic alliance eclipsing the US. (the West)

      That’s the answer you’re looking for when you wonder why the US is so intent on destroying Russia. If Russia’s economy is destroyed then the future success of the Brics alliance is destroyed too. Or at least, the major step will have been taken in seeing it happen.

      Forget any ideas of Trump standing in the way of the agenda against Russia. Even, forget any notion that Trump would even try!

      It’s not complicated anymore Mikronos. Forget about wasting time fu-king with Lindsay Graham and McCain’s actions.

      • Bianca

        But I do not agree with your logic. They are assuming that China would just stand buy. And many other countries would be forced to choose sides, what will not work for US or EU. You see, there is little US/EU can offer positively, and threats do not work as they used to. As for BRICKS, India is vulnerable, and Brazil only a few steps from crisis. Neither can benefit from US in forging internal stability. What time do these two fosils want? Just listen to McCain’s Munich speech. So out of touch with the world, such arrogance and supremacism, all packaged in the fortress West. And the Rest of mankind does not exist. Blindness of thise made to believe they are God chosen to lead the unworthy. But they are mistaken, being just exceptional does not equate to chosen. Both forgot that Russia will not ever again have war on its territory. So, let the games begin.

        • MvGuy

          Beautiful comment Bianca.

          • Don

            Sure glad you liked it. I tried but I couldn’t understand even half of it.

        • Don

          What logic is it that you don’t agree with?
          Who is the ‘K’ in the Brics?
          China and India alone can eclipse the US and the West in the near future. Add in Russia and it’s a leadpipe cinch.
          Russia talks up the idea of cooperation througout the world but it’s too obviously a lie. No country that gains great power ever chooses to share it with their sworn enemy.
          Your comments on McCain and fortress West are confusing. When you write for the benefit of your audience to understand, write so we can. The rest of mankind doesn’t exist?? I give up?
          I have to criticize you for your jumping to war. You need to accept that this gamesmanship stops short of war because war between nuclear powers is prohibitive.
          We would spend our time more productively together contemplating whether or not Russia will buckle to the pressure or not.
          Or another useful project would be for you to try to explain to me why the US is so intent on war. And in fact as Wesley Clark told us, the completion of the PNAC agenda. Perhaps start with the US’s stated reasons and then go on to state your reasoning.
          Of course as you know, my version is as I’ve stated. Worldwide US economic control for the future.

      • MvGuy

        No No No NO Don…!!!! It is NOT the BRICKS economic alliance eclipsing the U.S. (the West) that drives this madness to try to humble Russia to cower in the corner… You are wrong.

        It is Russia’s support of Iran, Syria, the Palestinians and all those who resist the “Greater Israel and Greater Saudi Arabia” project… Remember when the Iraq war was being staged and Gen. Wesley Clark was trying to piece together WHY…

        • Don

          You know so much about the Bricks (sic) obviously.

          And the rest is such uninformed stupidity that it’s not worth commenting on further

          Suffice to say that the biggest hangup that’s preventing Americans from arriving at some truths is that it would have to go along with condemning their own country.

    • Bianca


  • ALEXANDRU Nemoianu

    That failed bloodthirsty loser would kick his own balls.

  • dieter heymann

    This sounds like regime change! I am not joking.

  • unam_sanctum

    Graham’s consistent re-election by the voters of South Carolina is rooted in a lack of education, geopolitical knowledge and, until recently, internet access across that state.

    • Don

      You may not like him but in reality, he’s right on topic with the US agenda. The only useful purpose of this post by Ditz is to somehow make out that Trump opposes Graham.

      In reality Trump doesn’t oppose him. It’s come time to just accept that the president of the US isn’t out of step and out of the loop with literally his entire country.

      • unam_sanctum

        not yet Don.

      • Bianca

        You have been angling all along to find a way to accuse Trump for Deep State misrule. Well you cannot. We have seen what they can do, and we know now what is up. You are the perfect neocon appologist and hsve been all along. Now, you think you got the right moment to make Trump a bigger neocon then McCAin. .

        But you will be disappointed. They will keep on going sfter Trump even if he gives in on Russia 100%. This will be a battle till extermination as neither side can give up. Russia is just an excuse to raise the stakes. But one problem in the Desert Kingdom, and you will see the house of cards tuble.

        • Don

          Not quite sure what you’re on about with your isea that I want to accuse Trump for deep state rule?? As far as I can figure, there’s a good chance that the deep state wants him destroyed because he’s too dangerous.

          The rest sounds to me like you are already making excuses for Trump when he fails to do anything on US/Russia relations. And that’s o.k. with me how you and Raimondo get yourselves out of your fu-ckup.

          But I can’t quite accept you saying I’m a neocon apologist. That’s just a little ‘too’ surreal for a basically leftist Canadian!

          Oh, and fwiw dear, I would continue to go after Trump until he is completely destroyed too. Then drive a wooden stake through his evil heart and burn him at the stake for good measure.

          Otherwise, I think your priority now has become one of patritism to your country and it’s crimes against humanity. You’re stuck not being able to admit that I’ve got it right.

    • Garth Robinson

      Could it be that he is inbred?

  • Don

    It’s unimportant what one senator says and thinks. The Brics alliance is threatening to prevent global control over the world’s economy. It was foreseen when the PNAC agenda was announced and it’s never been laid aside.
    If the West (led by the US) doesn’t stop the interference of the Brics economic counter measures now then the West loses the opportunity to take control.

    The Brics are poised to wrest economic control away from the US. Trump won’t oppose attempts to stop that from happening.

    It’s very unlikely that Trump doesn’t understand this by now. It’s also unlikely that he ever ‘didn’t’ understand. It’s much more likely that Trump used the idea of improving relations with Russia strictly to capture a small antiwar faction. Now it’s become an annoyance to him and a distraction he needs to bury for good.

    It’s important to keep driving the facts home to those who still have faith in Trump. Most of us at this site understand but may have a bit of difficulty putting the pieces together. I’m hoping that this post will help some of those people.

    • MvGuy

      Oh Don, you are of little faith… and in some ways so am I. But Trump hasn’t totally sold out yet, and this Johnson pick is encouraging. Never surrender while you have a spark of life, or any ember of hope… And it’s not that time yet. Defeatism + inaction = complicity.. So hang on and hand in to encourage the good and scorn the bad!!!!! Give him a chance!!

      • Don

        I disagree with you and I think that Trump needs the whole Russia/US improved relations thing to just go away. He will try to make it go away but his detractors aren’t going to allow it. They’ve got a bone in their teeth and they’re destroying Trump on the issue.

        He’s going to get a chance alright but it’s not going to be any romance. One of the most important reasons for that is that the Dems are intent on getting even for what was done to Obama.

  • John Driessler

    Graham, the “Hanoi Singbird McCain, Lieberman, and all of the other pro-war fanatics are definitely off their meds. Couldn’t they all be placed in individual rubber rooms and confined where they couldn’t harm anyone. These people are insane.

  • Idiotland

    This self loathing effeminate loser should look back at the last two leaders who thought they were going to “kick Russia in the ass” and see how they did.

    • MvGuy

      That’s the stuff i-land. You’ve got his number….. It’s ZERO…

  • the Late Idi Armin

    or doing something to their ass

  • Tecumseh1768
  • Mark Thomason

    Yes, some have their own reasons to seek conflict. They sought it since WW2, and they will keep on keeping on.

    It is just their private advantage, not national interest, that they seek.

    True, there have been times when we did need to face conflict. The difference is they won’t do anything else, just seek out nails to hammer.