US Ambassador Contradicts Trump, Insists US Committed to Two-State Solution

Trump Had Only Yesterday Said He Was Fine With One-State Solution

The Trump Administration does not appear to all be on the same page with respect to the US stance on the Middle East, despite President Trump only yesterday very publicly scrapping the two-state solution stance of United States, announcing he was “fine” with a one-state solution in a joint conference with the Israeli premier.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley appears to have missed this, insisting anyone who said the US was not fully behind the two-state solution was “in error,” and that President Trump continues to insist on the two-state solution as a matter of policy.

Haley also attacked the United Nations in general terms, insisting Israel is the “one true democracy in the Middle East” and that the US is “determined to stand up to the UN’s anti-Israel bias.” Being mad at the UN is one aspect of US policy that hasn’t changed.

French and British officials also insisted that they two support the too-state solution, though unlike Haley their comments were not confusing, as they hadn’t publicly disavowed the policy just 24 hours prior. Whether Haley’s comments mark the administration withdrawing from yesterday’s position, or simply an oversight on her part remains to be see.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of