Trump Threatens Iran, Says Won’t Be ‘Kind’ Like Obama

Insists Iran 'Playing With Fire' by Doubting Him

President Obama spent the first seven of his eight years in office regularly threatening to attack Iran, and the final year trying to defend the P5+1 nuclear deal, all the while arguing that it didn’t necessarily preclude the US attacking Iran for some other, different reason.

In his daily ramble of hostile tweets, President Trump characterized Obama as being “kind” to Iran, vowing that he would never be so kind in his own treatment of the nation, and insisting that Iran is “playing with fire” in doubting his hostility.

A single Iranian ballistic missile test over the weekend has led to several days of bellicose comments from the Trump Administration, with officials insisting they would not rule out military action, and imposing new sanctions on Iran today. Officials at the Treasury Department insisted that while the sanctions were over the missile test, they were also to punish Iran for its “aggression” abroad.

Iran has chalked up the several days of threats as simply a sign of Trump’s inexperience,” and insisting that it will not change their policy with respect to developing missiles for defensive purposes. The Trump White House declared Iran to be “on notice” after the test, but has continued to escalate seemingly entirely of its own volition, and irrespective of Iran not having actually done anything since the weekend test.

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  • RickR35

    I guess Trump wants a war/quagmire he can call his own.

  • chess

    iran is not the country that has invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, yemen, Somali & Libya, murdering & displacing millions to aid Israel’s expansionist dreams….

  • Watosh

    One has to wonder about Trump’s sanity. He obviously has delusions of grandeur and that inevitably leads to disaster. He really believes he is in charge of the world and all nations must obey his dictates or he will put all his weapons on the table. The man really believes this!

  • wars r u.s.

    Are Trump’s tweets fake too? I want to make sure I don’t have Trump derangement syndrome.

  • martinbrock

    The honeymoon with Trump, such as it was, is already over. So far, he’s suggested safe zones in Syria, and his U.N. ambassador has severely chastised Russia over Ukraine, so even the forlorn hope for a rapprochement with Russia looks Pollyannish, and by practically every other measure, he’s a disaster.

  • rosemerry

    Very frightening-we hope to avoid interference in other lands by not voting for Hillary, but this shows complete lack of any thought or reason on the part of the tweeter and could escalate if Iran is pushed too far. What point could there be?