SEAL Team 6 Kills an 8-Year-Old Girl, Scores More in Yemen Attack

Pentagon Says Attack Targeted 'al-Qaeda Headquarters'

Pentagon officials confirmed that Navy SEAL Team 6 attacked what they described as an “al-Qaeda headquarters” in Yemen’s central Bayda Province, bragging of killing “about 14” al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and taking a cache of information. They reported a single soldier killed.

Absent from the Pentagon’s account of what happened over the course of the raid, which supposedly lasted less than an hour, and left a large number of women and children riddled with bullets, including at least one eight-year-old girl named Nora, the daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki, a US cleric who was assassinated by the Obama Administration. The Cairo AP office reported receiving photographs showing the bodies of several young children who were shot multiple times during the raid.  Roughly 57 people were killed overall, according to Yemeni officials, though they claimed a lot more AQAP fighters slain than the US reckoning of 14. Either way, a substantial number of civilians were among the slain.

Awlaki’s 2011 assassination was hugely controversial, both because he was a US citizen killed on the orders of the Obama Administration and because the administration declined to charge him with any crimes beforehand, simply presenting his sermons as proof of terrorism. Awlaki’s 16-year-old son was assassinated, again on Obama’s order, two weeks later.

Officials say this raid had initially been proposed to President Obama but wasn’t approved until after President Trump took office and signed off on the plan. Even with the Pentagon ignoring all the slain children, the narrative isn’t exactly one of a super successful first ground raid into Yemen going off without a hitch.

“Pentagon officials confirmed the death of one US soldier in the fighting. Three other soldiers were wounded during the raid, and a fourth was wounded in the initial evacuation attempt, in which the V-22 Osprey crashed into the ground during a failed landing.

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  • O rly

    didn’t trump promise to kill their families way back when?

    • martinbrock

      He’s a man of his many words.

  • Tom Mauel

    More of the same from Trump.

  • Seal Team 6 is a f**king death squad of gutless cowards and Donald Trump should stand trial for war crimes. An 8 year old girl? Goddamn this sick f**king country.

    • Don

      politics comrade, and it isn’t the first child killed in your wars, and it won’t be the last

    • Charan John

      They even made a TV show about them.

    • Hank

      Seal Team 6 did NOT assassinate Osama Bin Laden five years ago. OBL died in December 2001 of natural causes. When you finally catch someone who is allegedly a “terrorist” mastermind you don’t execute him if you can help it. You catch him and hold him for interrogation. This alone demonstrates that the person killed in the “OBL raid” was NOT OBL but someone with similar facial features who was presented to the mainstream media AFTER photo editing of the person shot. These Seal Team murderers are certainly not protecting American citizens but helping a ruthless war criminal regime(Saudi Arabia) murder people! So where does Trump’s “America First” policy fit on this one? The anger and blow back from the USA killing innocent defenseless women and children WILL in the long run threaten ALL Americans! Disgusting and unbelievable that grown men can act like little babies when it comes to fighting a war!

  • Idiotland

    Congratulations Mr. President, you are now officially a war criminal like your predecessors, if you weren’t already. When you leave office and become a private citizen again you can forget about ever leaving the country on your private jet unless you want to face arrest overseas.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    This is a replay of: The CIA’s “Phoenix Program” in Vietnam and the “War on Terror” …

    The Bible numerology code number 6. The number 6 is significant in the Bible because it is the number of Man, the number of imperfection in man’s work. It is a human number. … Thus, number 6 in the Bible is related to man and his imperfections or shortcomings.

  • Did they “canoe” her with a shot to the forehead and take trophy photos like the usual SEAL 6 practice?

    • Bill Rood

      Shot in the neck. They made no attempt to provide medical assistance and she bled to death in her mother’s arms.

  • Bill Rood

    People are all upset about banning Muslims, but killing them in their own country is just fine. Not even worth mentioning.

  • Terri

    Trying to get then back to their homeland so when they bomb the area they kill then too! What a disgrace!

  • sparkysdad

    How could this be? How could this been allowed to happen? Trump stated over and over he knows more than the generals and this botched up job was signed off by him. I guess he must have lied.