Duterte: US Building Permanent Arsenal in Philippines

Duterte: US Building Permanent Arsenal in Philippines | Complains US building ‘permanent’ arms depots in Philippines

In comments which might suggest a rift between Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and his defense secretary, the outspoken president accused the US of threatening regional stability by building “permanent” arms depots within the Philippines’ territory.

The Pentagon is building barracks and warehouses inside the Philippines as part of a deal with that nation’s military which allows the US to position troops, planes, and warships at several bases there. Duterte has repeatedly called on the US military to leave his country.

At the same time, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana insisted just days ago that the US-Philippines military relationship is still wholly intact, and that the plans for the Pentagon to do the construction were proceeding as planned, and unlike Duterte, he did not present this as a problem.

Duterte has been keen since taking office last year to shift the Philippines away from its traditional exclusive reliance on the US for military support, seeking to forge ties with Russia and China. There have been warnings from some analysts since this effort began that Duterte risks alienating the top military brass in his country, as close ties with the Pentagon have a long history and won’t break easily.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • jsinton

    I expect Duterte would love to declare Martial Law, but he’s afraid to unleash the military because they’ll come and get him. Expect RP military leaders to be on the CIA payroll.

  • longlance

    Duterte next on U.S. regime-change agenda.

    • RickR35

      If Bush/Obama were in charge, sure.

      • Don

        One of the most solid Trump faithful!
        I think you can claim the title as the most faithful on this site, even more so than Raimondo. Do you want the title?

    • AriusArmenian

      CIA probably already has removal plans ready, vermin that they are.

      • hali karaca

        They should make Kazim Karabekir president of Philippines.