Haley: US ‘Taking Names’ at UN, Will ‘Show Our Strength’

Warns Countries They Must Have America's Back at UN

Incoming US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley issued a statement today warning of repercussions for countries that “don’t have America’s back” at the international body, insisting the new administration marks a “change in the way we do business.”

Haley warned America would now be “taking names,” and that they intend to “show our strength” at the UN and make sure that America’s allies are all supported, and also support America on issues. Haley made the comments ahead of presenting her credentials to the Secretary General of the UN

Trump and Haley had both loudly criticized the UN for a Security Council vote that condemned Israel’s expansion of settlements in the occupied territories. This vote had also led to calls among Republican senators to demand the US defund the UN unless they reverse the vote.

Haley’s comments today appear to be trying to set the stage for a more aggressive US policy at the UN, though as a practical matter it isn’t at all clear exactly what that is going to entail, and hopes of getting the Israel resolution reversed are simply unrealistic.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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