No Decision for US to Move Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem

No Decision for US to Move Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem | Officials say moving embassy not a priority

Not only was Israel’s Channel 2’s weekend report that President Trump would announce the relocation of the US embassy on Monday false, but signs out of the White House suggest nothing’s going to be happening at all any time soon, raising doubts over whether it will happen at all.

In their first daily press briefing, the White House reiterated that they are in the “very early stages” of even making a decision on moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and that no firm decision has been made to do so yet. Only last week, Trump’s spokesmen were saying such an announcement would be made “soon.”

Other reports, citing unnamed administration officials, suggest a decision may be deferred more or less indefinitely, with the administration wanting to take a shot at negotiating a peace deal, and recognizing that the embassy move would be a major blow to such an effort.

This may ultimately leave Trump’s embassy policy resembling President George W. Bush, who had similarly talked up the idea, and annually insisted in official waivers of the Jerusalem Embassy Act that he intended to at least “begin” the process, but ultimately leaving eight years later without having done anything.

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  • dieter heymann

    I suspect that the rulers of Saudi Arabia for whom Jerusalem is almost as holy as Mecca have quietly warned President Trump even before he was inaugurated that such a move could trigger unpredictable and possibly uncontrollable actions throughout the world of Islam. In that world there are huge numbers of unemployed young males who can rebel days if not weeks on end without risking to lose their jobs. The Middle Eastern country with the largest population is Egypt. It could erupt again.
    What can the Saudi’s do? Flood the world with crude. Or the reverse namely close the spigot as they once did when Carter was our President and drive gas prices through the roof.

  • hali karaca

    If Trump push this idea and shift the embassy to Jerusalem Saudi Arabia might withdraw 600 billions from American banks, dollars dive and then he might learn hard way.
    But I am sure the adviser to him would-be advised to advise him to understand and don’t be such bull in the China Shop.
    It is very entertaining to watch him to pretend to be a President and we are doing our best to predict what hee will bee doing nexst.

    • john g

      The Sauds and Likud are bestest buddies.

  • Mary Myers

    Somehow we need to get the website “If Americans Knew” to Kellyanne Conway and Trump. They need to know the background of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict before they make any decision on this issue.

  • richard vajs

    It amazes me when important folk like Trump do not realize how poisonous Israel’s racist land-thefts are and how much they contribute to “Islamic Terrorism”, but then I also realize how extensive the Zionist propaganda network is in America. I believe that there are two levels of cognition in America regarding Israel – 1. the surface cognition which is essential all Zionist “fluff”, 2. the deeper realization of the poison. Trump, like most busy Americans, is at the surface. After getting burned a time or two by the selfish Zionism which always aims for self-gain- at other’s expense, Trump will probably shift to Level 2

  • RickR35

    That’s a relief. Typical israel/neocon m.o. Start publishing stuff that they want as if it were happening and then assume clown in the White House at the time will just obey. It has worked for them for decades. Hopefully that will be over now.

  • Bastiat

    Moving the embassy should not be a priority.

  • john

    horrible idea, but can we at least get the Israelis to pay for it?

  • Don

    First of all we need to get Raimondo to stop promoting Trump, and then we can at least all be on the same page. Can at least accomplish that?

    luv from Canada.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Yeah and after a discussion over lunch with some of Jared Kushner’s friends he determined that he could leverage this in driving a better deal for a new hotel development if he pretended he didn’t.

  • Pat Dunne

    First stop the annexing of Palestinian Land for squatter settlements. Then agree to pre-1967 border delineations in Jerusalem.
    Then OK move the embassy and start on freeing the West Bank and Golan Heights.