Denmark to Send Special Forces to Syria

Parliament Approves Deployment of Up to 60 Ground Troops

Expanding on their involvement in US-led coalition’s military operations in Iraq and Syria, the Danish Parliament today approved the deployment of up to 60 special forces ground troops into Syria. The Danish government had sought, and failed, to get similar permission back in April, but won the vote this time.

Details on what the Danish troops will be doing in Syria are unclear, but officials did say they would be operating in the area along the Iraq-Syria border. The government had previously announced they are ending their operation of F-16s over Syrian airspace.

This makes Denmark the third member of the US-led coalition to send ground troops into Syria, following the United States itself and France. None of the nations has Syrian government permission to deploy troops into the country, which has at times been a sore spot.

In addition to the ground troops, which add to the Danish troops already based in Iraq, Denmark has also announced that it will send a single navy frigate into the area, where it will operate alongside a US aircraft carrier.

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  • eric

    According to international law there is a legal side other countries cold send tropes to go and fight in Syria .on . Russia is on the legal side , Denmark and the United States are on the criminal side of the international law . Why do we go to such efforts to establish these laws all sign and promise to obey these laws . And than violate every law we agreed and insisted every body else agree to too .

  • Bianca

    These European dwarfs just think they can go wherever they pkease. Anybody asked them? They are to help ISIS as I see. Fighting in Mosul is just going through motions freeing ISIS up to push back in Syria. And lately, US airstrikes agains supposedly heroic Al-Nusra that “defended” Aleppo? Two hits on Idlib — one on jail where Al-Nusra put units of FSA that are peeling off of the Al-Nusra, then yesterday, bombing Fateh-Alsham. Well — you can guess. Snother defector going to peace talks. But some media really tried hard to muddy the waters. Presumably Al-Zinka trained there! Right. We know them as child head choppers. But wait — aren’t they the good defenders of Aleppo, the ones Reuters honored by interviewing their “political wing”.

    Utterly disguisting.

    • Don

      Utterly naive of you to suppose these ‘dwarfs’ are going anywhere without the direction of Nato/ US.

      luv from Canada.

      • eric

        That is exactly what she is complaining about the USA sending aid to the wrong side more often than not

  • outer_rl

    The Syrian government will tolerate them until the SAA reaches those areas. Then the foreign soldiers will have to leave or else become targets.