Thousands of US Troops, Tanks Advance Toward Russian Border

Russia Sees US Military Buildup as Security Threat

Having arrived in Germany a few days ago, a mass of over 3,000 US ground troops backed by a large column of American tanks are advancing eastward toward the Russian border today, heading across Poland as part of a major NATO operation called Atlantic Resolve.

Unlike a lot of more specific war-games simulating explicit wars on certain fronts, Atlantic Resolve was initially launched just to spite Russia over the civil war in Eastern Ukraine, and seems to be designed more or less to simply antagonize Russia militarily.

And it’s doing it’s job, in that event, as Russian officials expressed serious concern over the matter, saying they believe the advance of a large number of US troops heading toward Russia is a threat to national security. They also added that they don’t appreciate having a large number of troops massed on their European border by a nation that isn’t even European.

In addition to being the latest in a long line of NATO operations against Russia, and the largest such operation in Europe since the Cold War, the operation is seen as part of an ongoing effort within NATO to lock President-elect Donald Trump into a policy of hostility toward Russia.

Trump’s talk of normalizing ties with Russia has been a source of major concern and criticism among European NATO nations, who insist that the US needs to continue to lead ongoing plans for major military buildups in Europe, with an eye toward a ground war against Russia.

Pentagon officials insisted the advance on Russia proved America’s commitment to “collective security” in Europe, while Polish officials insisted Russia had it coming to them because they had accepted Crimea into the Russian Federation.

While this operation is said to be relatively brief, the Obama Administration has already made agreements with NATO aiming to commit large numbers of US ground troops to deploy in the Baltic states on a more or less permanent basis as a “spearhead” force against Russia.

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  • RickR35

    Funny, we have been promised for years now that Russia was going to march into Poland any second now…

    • armdkny

      You missed out. It happened in 2006 in an alternate universe.

  • john g

    What a pathetic book end to the Obama presidency. The 3 and 4th Bush terms really.

    • joe

      The Empire …Has anyone ever ask himself /herself what does this actions have to do with freedom and the US Constitution?

  • AriusArmenian

    “Atlantic Resolve”.
    What drama queens.

    • armdkny

      Apres aper.

  • eric

    I think Russia had to take Crimea back . If Russia was to keep control of the black sea ? Who do you want to control the black sea ? Really is funny the United States now protecting these little NAZI states .Little NAZI democracies where they refuse to let their Russia ethnic people vote unless they can trace their lineage back to before 1940 . We would not have many Muslims or Mexican voters in the USA if we ran our democracy like the Baltic states . Would not think many Americans would be in favor of sending troops to back up such a democracy .

    • Bianca

      It is even funnier.
      These Nazi states are encouraged to be nazi — given all sorts of inducements to pursue their remembrance of glorious Nazi past, and trsshing the memory of hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers that died fighting Estonian rear guard while Hitler’s troups were withdrawing. For months they delayed the advance of Soviet troups and liberating concentration camps. Yet, for as long as they piously talk of Holocaust, they are free to indulge in any threat against Russians as they please. And now — they are repaying us by having their intelligence connive with Polish intelligence and Brittish — to contrive a scandal(s). against Trump!!!

      We deserve it.

      As we see this sick pressure on the new president to be prevented from exercising his power of the executive branch — there is ZERO help from Republican Party. Unfortunatelly, people who elected Trump will have to organize to protect the agenda that elected Trump. Otherwise, they will just walk all
      over us. There will be no streamlining of foreign policy, no smothering of wars, and continued funding and arming the terrorists. Thus — no money for economy.
      Looks like without organizing — Republican party congresmen and senators are just counting on us being like good Democrats that kept on supporting Obama, the man that from day one was a lame duck to the war party.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    NOTE: The ONLY part of Russia shown on the map is Kaliningrad, on the Baltic between Lithuania and Poland. Kaliningrad is a part of Russia most Americans don’t know exists and it appears the INSANE CRAZY ZIOCON WAR MONGER SONS OF SATAN are determined to attack it and use it as a provocation to start WW3 .. that’s their goal .. most likely before Jan 20.

    • lemur

      Nah, Obama is crying on TV and calling for “America to be Strong” as if the US has been taking over by Aliens from “V” all of a sudden (must have watched too many bad serials in his youth, eh?). You can’t start a war at such a tearful moment.

  • lemur

    > towards Russia
    That would be Kaliningrad Oblast, then?

    • TellTheTruth-2

      They would call it PAY BACK for Crimea.

      • “bunz

        Vlad has said before concerning ISIS, “One bomb on mother Russia and 1/2 hour later, every muslim in the middle east would be dead”… so same probably goes for anyone else trying to provoke war, I reckon..

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    • Don

      Even if it’s not completely true, it’s the news we’ve been waiting for. There were indications it was coming.
      This is a huge advancement toward peace in the world.

      luv from Canada.

      • This reporting is more honest than your local programing which is called programming for a reason.

  • morleyevans
  • John Wells

    Bombastic propaganda terms like “spearhead”, “Atlantic Resolve”. Just call them what they really are and always have been, “ratcheting up the tensions”, and a “prelude to aggression”.

  • unam_sanctum

    “spearhead” ? more like “banana-head”.

  • joe

    3,000 troops to attack Russia? LOL….

    • Mary Myers

      Wait for the false flag event.

    • John Wells

      So you’d be OK with 3,000 Russian troops on Texas’ border? LOL….

  • Steven Hines

    Mattis seems to be spouting the same old neocon rhetoric about threats to US hegemony. I was hoping part of Trump’s intention to reduce tensions would emanate from the secretary of defense. Apparently not.

  • ton

    This week before Trump’s inauguration may be crucial. The US war fanatics may create a false flag operation so as to lock Trump into a ground war with Russia. An extremely dangerous situation may be on the cards. I wouldn’t like to be in Europe right now.

  • CuriousNC

    There is a term for American troops on Russia’s border (probably how the Europeans see it): Cannon fodder.

  • Mr Reynard

    Humph… The Russian Army have made mincemeat out of the German Army in WWII, & you stupid goyim are not event 10% equal to the then German Army ?? Within 48 hours you will be scrambling on the last flight out of Europe ?? You stupid goyim morons, it will not be a joowood made movie situation with Brucie, Arnie, Sylvester & Jean Claude ?? It will be your sorry arse ??