Syria: Israel Fired Rockets at Military Airport in Damascus

Syria: Israel Fired Rockets at Military Airport in Damascus
| Syrian army slams ‘flagrant attack,’ threatens response

Syrian Army Command has reported a flurry of Israeli rocket fire against a major military airport near the capital city of Damascus, terming it “a flagrant attack” and threatening serious repercussions for the latest Israeli strike against their facility.

Officials details are scant on what happened in the attack, with Iranian media citing unnamed sources in the Syrian military who said the attacks started a fire, and that there were several casualties. As with most Israeli attacks on Syria, they have not publicly confirmed or denied the incident.

Israel is known, however, to have launched several attacks against Syria over the course of the civil war. This has included several strikes against smaller Syrian military installations, but it has been rare for such a large site to come under target.

Such a serious attack is also interesting in that any Israeli attack since Russia became involved in the Syrian Civil War is presumed to have at least tacit Russian imprimatur, and Israeli probably would not have attacked the base unless they had some justification that they believed would placate Moscow.

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  • TellTheTruth-2

    The neocon crazies, desperate to start WW3 before Jan 20, are going insane.

    • outer_rl

      It certainly looks that way. A rather ambitious target for the next week.

  • O rly

    this is actually the second time they have hit this base in about a month

    the odd thing is for just about every other attack the Syrian government has not really made much noise about it.

    seems like maybe this is part of the set up for the next chapter of this endless war.
    sooner or later something big is going to go down, to many very powerful players will not permit the Iraqi and Syrian governments to meet at the border and finally have the fabled shia crescent.

    p.s. the use of rocket rather than air strikes would indicated a bit of caution on israels part that has not existed till now.

  • richard young

    What is the factual basis for the author’s statement that this Israeli attack on a Syrian military base is “presumed” to have Russian backing or consent? I can understand why the author might raise such a presumption as applied to the US, but nothing I have observed over the past several years suggests any alliance between Israel and Russia regarding military intervention in Syria. So what gives here?