Truck Bomb Kills at Least 60 in Syria’s Azaz

Tanker Truck Detonated in Crowded Market Near Courthouse

A massive tanker truck bomb was detonated against the key Syrian border town of Azaz over the weekend, with the truck parked in a crowded marketplace near a key Islamic courthouse. Six rebels were confirmed killed, though the vast majority of the 60 slain were civilian bystanders.

Azaz is under the control of the Turkey-backed rebel coalition which has taken much of ISIS’ territory across the Aleppo Province, and ISIS is presumed to have been behind this attack, as they are the group which most often carries out such bombings.

A major border crossing into Turkey, Azaz has been prized and fought over by rebel factions throughout the civil war, as control of the crossing has entitled the faction to a cut of any weapons smuggled in through the crossing. Since the Turkish invasion last year, however, the region is more or less exclusive to the Turkey-backed coalition.

Given just how strategically vital Azaz is, and long has been, it is unclear how anyone was able to smuggle such a large tanker truck full of explosives into the city, let alone get it into a heavily populated area to detonate it without some sort of security trying to stop them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of