Pentagon Prepares Options for Trump to Use Cyberattacks, Space Weapons Against ISIS

Pentagon Prepares Options for Trump to Use Cyberattacks, Space Weapons Against ISIS | Cyber warfare may aim to shut down ‘terrorist’ websites

According to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein, the Pentagon’s leadership is hard at work coming up with options for President-elect Donald Trump to expand the ISIS war, focusing in particular on the use of “secret cyber-warfare and space weapons.

The US military has some ability to carry out cyber-attacks to knock out individual “terrorist websites,” though at has not often done so. During the campaign, Trump expressed annoyance that ISIS was being allowed to use “our Internet” in the course of the war, suggesting the US could deny ISIS-held territory Internet access outright.

How that would work, and whether it is in the Pentagon’s purview, is unclear, though at the time Trump suggested Silicon Valley could come up with a way to “knock the hell out of their Internet system in the ISIS territories.”

The possibility of fighting ISIS in space sounds even more intriguing, albeit even less probable. The Pentagon, of course, has a considerable number of spy satellites, but it isn’t clear what these “space weapons” they could start using might even conceivably be.

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  • RickR35

    How about doing something about the material supporters of IS, including those buy the oil they sell.

  • Ghostship

    This couldn’t be because the Pentagon perceives cyber and space warfare as being the next big earner for the MIC and a good way of securing very profitable jobs for all the generals and admirals involved.

  • nhmakingwaves

    The last thing the US govt seems willing to tolerate is these people saying things. The government is more comfortable with ensuring ISIS has nothing to occupy their time except killing people, so they can be portrayed as nothing but a caricature / demon. And, the US government cannot compete in the battlefield of ideas.

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  • Dracaveli

    isn’t it against international law for space based weapons…and trying to restrict internet access is a never-ending battle.

    “our internet” insanity but the same mindset of Gore who claimed he invented it.