Israel Summons Ambassadors, Threatens to Cut UN Ties over Anti-Settlements Vote

Israel Warns US: Friends Don't Take Friends to the UN Security Council

Israeli officials have summoned 14 different ambassadors since the Thursday vote at the UN Security Council,. including the United States Ambassador and 10 of the 14 who voted in favor of the resolution condemning Israel’s ongoing construction of settlements in the occupied territories.

The message, as ever, is that Israel is “outraged,” and they’re looking to take it out on whoever they can, with a particular eye toward spiting the Palestinians to prove that they aren’t going to be pushed into a peace deal by the UN. Israel is also looking to retaliate against the UN, according to officials.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the Foreign Ministry to conduct a full assessment of possible ways to cut UN ties, mentioning in particular that Israel will end funding to several UN bodies, and are considering expelling UN representatives from the country.

A lot of the Israeli rage appears to be centered on the US, the only nation at the Security Council that didn’t vote for the resolution, but who also didn’t veto it. Israeli officials, including Netanyahu, have accused the whole matter of being a plot of the Obama Administration.

Netanyahu also described a testy phone call with Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday, during which he warned Kerry that “friends don’t take friends to the Security Council.” This was the first resolution against Israel the US hasn’t vetoed in eight years, and the first settlement related one since 1980.

The White House continues to dismiss the claims of having “conspired” against Israel, insisting they remain extremely in support of Israel, and eager to keep giving them record amounts of military aid, but that they are opposed to the settlements and couldn’t veto a UN resolution they totally agreed with.

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