Syrian Rebels Shell Aleppo, Killing Six Civilians

Russia Urges Peace Talks to End Fighting in Area

The evacuation of Aleppo was completed only 24 hours ago, and any hope that this might lead to a return to calm in the war torn city has already evaporated, with the rebels shelling a southwestern district of the city, killing at least six civilians, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Syrian military airstrikes were reported against rebel territory outside of Aleppo, areas which hadn’t been hit in awhile as the focus had previously been on ending the fighting over Aleppo itself, which is now fully controlled by the government, albeit apparently still within artillery range of the rebels.

While some were expecting Syria to try to expand on the momentum of “winning” Aleppo to attack the Idlib Province, Russian President Vladimir Putin is instead urging the Assad government to seek an immediate ceasefire, with an eye toward a comprehensive peace process.

Russia agreed to make such an effort in talks with Turkey and Iran, and the expectation on the Russo-Iranian side seems to be that they are in a strong enough position now to negotiate a favorable end to the war. At the same time, the remaining rebels are so heavily centered on Islamist factions with links to international terror, that many are unwelcome at the peace talks in the first place, and are unlikely to be talked into a truce without a major rethink in who is and isn’t allowed to attend.

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  • Bianca

    Very true. But it will be a mistake to push for military action o

    • dieter heymann

      For ISIL holding on to Raqqa is probably more important than helping to hold on to Idlib.

      • Bianca

        Yes, it may be true. But there is something not very clear. Look at ISIS holding Al-Bab or other places along Aleppo-Al-Bab-Raqqa corridor. I do not believe that ISIS did not serve as a supplier of weapons to “rebels”. Now that Turkey is hitting them, they are trying hard to hold on to Al-Bab. If defeated, their position in Raqqa is very vulnerable. This is why they are trying to keep Syria engaged at Dair Azzor. But with various groups trying to prevent ISIS get out of Mosul towards Raqqa, how much longer can they keep up the rngagement on three fronts. US actions apparently did not disturb them at all. This is starting to remind me of Aleppo. Syrian Army kept in attacking from two directions until the middle could not hold. The Raqqa itself is not defensible. Turkey has now a really tough task, and is not helping that aKurds are looking for any oportunity to undermine them. As the liberation of Mosul can take much longer –the fate of Raqqa is up in the air. But not for long.

  • Mr_Mir

    There won’t be peace in Syria until every terrorist is killed or perminantly expelled from the country. Including all “rebels” that are not Syrian citizens.

  • WakaWakaWackyWorld

    Pentagon Math (6 civilians) = 60 innocent men women and children using “real” Math…