Senate Passes New Bill Targeting College Students Who Criticize Israel

Anti-Semitism Awareness Act Aims to Broaden Department of Education Probes

In a move intended to dramatically broaden Department of Education probes of colleges and universities who tolerate students that criticize Israel, the Senate today unanimously passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, which was passed with little debate or fanfare.

Sens. Bob Casey (D – PA) and Tim Scott (R – SC) presented the bill as targeting a growing number of “religiously motivated hate crimes,” warning that the Department of Education needed to take “urgent action” to investigate all anti-semitism at school.

The bill intends to do this by instructing the Department of Education to use the State Department’s definition of anti-semitism, which broadly includes criticism of Israel or attempts to “delegitimize” Israel’s status as a Jewish state, or even “focusing on Israel” for human rights investigations or urging peace.

Though it’s unclear how the Department of Education will ultimately handle this new legislation, the bill is aimed at giving legitimacy to Title VI discrimination complaints against universities related to all of this newly-minted anti-semitism under the broader, State Department definition.

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  • lordbaldric

    How embarrassing.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Anyone who thinks Israel does not control the US Senate needs to wake up.

    • Bianca

      It is only 100 people — easy to do. This is anproblem with centralization of education — as it forces a grey barrack style existence. And how on earth can a behaviour of a state be protected by human rights norms? This kind of political overreach is dangerous. The result is predictable. Young people prevented from expressing their feelings justified in their eyes by a rogue behaviour of a state — may end up becoming anti-semitic. The consequence of shoving down their throats a politically unwise decision. They are young and supposed to be liberal and free thinking. When young and not liberal, one has no heart. When old and not conservative, one has no brain. It is really a shame to take political correct es this far.

  • lemur

    The AntiAntiSemitists will be driving their van to your campus soon, their little howto book of the Ministry of Truth in their backpocket.

    So where are those “religiously motivated hate crimes”, I haven’t heard much (i.e. nothing at all) about this, just seen Black Lives Matter rioters do undocumented shopping.

  • marc

    Last night I checked under my bed for Russians, Iranians, Chinese and their useful idiots. I can report to my government that the were no subversives; just the same large party of “American” Israelis (“Israeli” Americans?) living off the fat of the land in the land. Not sure it is worth checking every day; so crowded under there that I don’t think Putin will fit.

  • richard vajs

    Just a guess – the people most responsible for this junk are the least religious people around and the most willing to equate religion with an ethnic self- identity.

  • tadzio308

    Let me see, burning the American flag is free speech, so is the vilest, most debased pornography, also, blasphemy against deeply held Christian beliefs is a matter of artistic expression but telling the truth about Racist Zionism is not covered by the Constitutional guarantee. The Founding Fathers labored in vain for we live under a tyranny that George III would never have attempted.

  • Waka_waka_world

    Nice idea but…. You aren’t welcome in Israel, the most racist country on the planet..

  • MyWikiDisQus

    This is how tyranny begins when a small number of politicians (535) are given the power rule over a population of 325 million.

    The U.S. Congress is too concentrated in its authority. It must be diluted to reduce legislative abuses that usurp the rights of the people.

  • Frank Discussion

    I am proud I was not allowed to enter Israel with my Syrian and Libyan Passport stamps last time I tried to enter lol

  • pensword

    “This act is not meant to infringe on any individual right protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution,” they wrote, snickering like schoolboys who just drank their first can of beer.

  • Pat Dunne

    Criticizing Israel’s killing children in Gaza is now illegal in American universities?

    The USA is a strange collection of contradictions but one thing is for sure buying politicians to enact absurdly unethical legislation is no longer considered corruption.

    • MvGuy

      Nice comment Pat… Not to mention how politically correct this sort of garbage is… Like telling it like it is…. is “insensitive”….

  • Halit

    United State &Israel of America

  • Halit

    Israel censored freedom

  • Joe Tittiger

    Can you believe it? About time to to hang some Senators. Do you think it would get their attention?

  • Arrow

    Anti-Semitism Awareness Act? What does Semitism have to do with IsRaEl (Isis, Ra, El… Israel, home of the true pagans)? Little if anything. The closest people to a true Semite are the Palestinians.

  • Pat Dunne

    I wonder what they charge for a law like this?

  • TellTheTruth-2

    When it comes to hate groups, AIPAC and the ADL have replaced the KKK. They don’t burn crosses; but, they BAN free speech.

    • JP McEvoy

      And that’s just the beginning..

  • MvGuy

    More fun and games from America’s No.1 Welfare Queen… The “We are here to serve them” attitude blantently on display here.. Just give us your money…And NO BACKTALK… SEE…

    If you weren’t already wise how we are BOUGHT and OWNED by our “Special Friend”…… Here is just further BLATANT proof… JUST PAY & STFU………….

    Actually these sort of brain dead tactics only force the cat out of the bag… For ALL to SEE…. Thanks a lot…

  • Donatella

    As treacherous as this bill is, it’s actually a sign of the weakening of the stranglehold the Zionists have on a propagandized U.S. population. That corrupted politicians need to be bribed or threatened to ban American’s free speech, especially in an academic setting, is a sign that there is a growing awareness of the poisonous influence of Zionism.

  • Caesar_Saladin

    Want to know who belongs to the Privileged Class? Just find out who you can’t criticize- there you go.

  • Counter Globalist

    Our government is completely infiltrated by and seeks only to serve these murderous, parasitic kikes.