NATO, Russia Spar Over Missile Deployment in Eastern Europe

NATO Insists Defensive Missile Deployment Is 'Aggressive'

NATO and the Russian Federation have continued their trend of arguing over their respective forces in Eastern Europe, and today it focused on yesterday’s announcement that Russia is deploying Iskander missiles and S-400 air defense systems into Eastern Europe.

Russian officials say putting the missiles in the exclave of Kaliningrad was in response to NATO’s buildup in the Baltics, as well as the US missile defense shield installation in the area. NATO insists the deployment of the S-400 defensive missiles is an “aggressive” act.

Russian officials rejected the complaints about their deployment, insisting they have every right to deploy military fear into Kaliningrad, which borders both Poland and Lithuania, both NATO members that are at the center of the NATO buildup.

NATO has some 300,000 troops in the Baltics along the Russian frontier, a deployment described as a “spearhead” force intended to stop an imminent Russian invasion of Eastern Europe, which NATO officials have been hyping as imminent for over two years now. Russia has said the large deployments are calling into question  NATO’s decision-making in the region, obliging them to shore up their defenses.

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  • lordbaldric

    The sooner we get out of NATO, the better!

  • lordbaldric

    Oh and BTW, NATO has no where near 300,000 troop in the Baltics. More like 3,000. Where is Ditz getting this info?!?

    • Mikhailovich

      May be they count Polacks too.

    • jeff_davis

      Indeed, I’ve heard that number, too, and thought it oddly large. Jason, help out here, that’s the second time I’ve seen that number, where does it come from?

  • marc

    You invade my front porch with a variety of weapons pointed at me, waiting for me to come out and when i do you call me aggressive?

    Uncertainty about NATO´s future and status quo as the bully´s death squad against defenseless third world nations makes them desperate and hysterical.

    Russians are not NATO´s usual “enemy” i.e poor defenseless, sanctioned-to-starvation people living in clay huts, they are inhabitants of a super power NATO can´t defeat, that is capable of removing the US from the face of the Earth in less than 30 minutes if faced with an existential threat and that withstood all western aggression’s and invasions. From Carl XII to Napoleon and Hitler, they all lost because Russia raised up as one man. When west´s amnesia from that kicks in every 40-50 years or so they´r at it again….

  • ALEXANDRU Nemoianu

    NATO has 300,000 men in the Baltics! Common!

  • Jackson

    Listen to NATO own propaganda/language

    A defensive force to stop Russian aggression would be described as a ‘shield’. (sticking to the references to medieval weaponry). A ‘spearhead’ would be used to wound an enemy by thrusting deep into their side.

    Even NATO says this is a force designed to attack and thrust into an enemy.

  • Jackson

    Only a war-loving and aggressive people like the Americans would call the deployment of an antiaircraft missile system on a nation’s own territory an ‘aggressive act’.

    However, building an army on another continent that sits right on another nation’s borders is ‘only defensive’ …. as long as you trust the nation that’s started the most wars in this century.