Syrian Warplanes Pound Aleppo, Killing at Least 54

White Helmets Report at Least 150 Air Raids Wednesday

One day after Syrian warplanes resumed airstrikes against the rebel-held district of eastern Aleppo, the attacks have dramatically escalated, with at least 54 people reported killed and over 150 air raids carried out against those neighborhoods.

Locals claimed many of the attacks targeted the medical quarter of the city, though indications are that the attacks around the main pediatric hospital only hit the courtyard. The blood bank nearby also reported strikes, but again only hitting the reception area, and not damaging storage.

Russia reiterated that they are not involved in the airstrikes against Aleppo, and haven’t launched any in nearly a month. Russian warplanes are, however, carrying out airstrikes against Idlib Province, the other major holding of al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front.

The eastern Aleppo ceasefire was meant to negotiate a rebel pullout from the city, or at the very least to allow for a civilian evacuation. Ultimately, neither panned out, and Syria’s military appears to be back to trying to soften up the rebels for further advances.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of