Russia: Aleppo Ceasefire Will Continue Unless Rebels Launch New Offensive

Russia Accused of Parachute Bomb That Killed 11

Russia has been accused of launching a parachute bomb against Aleppo, killing 11 people and wounding 25 others. The details on the incident are scant, and the reports have not been widely confirmed. Russia, indeed, hasn’t even mentioned the incident, which would be their first strike on Aleppo in weeks.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov offered a statement on Aleppo which insisted that the multi-week pause in attacks would continue, even though the most recent ceasefire ended a few days ago, as long as the Nusra Front-dominated rebels in eastern Aleppo don’t launch new offensives.

While Russia was heavily involved in airstrikes against Aleppo in September and early October, they have since tried to negotiate deals for civilian evacuations and tried to convince the rebels to similarly agree to leave the city. So far, the rebels have refused, and reports have accused them of blocking the civilians from going either.

In the meantime, fighting has continued between the Syrian military and the rebels, with the rebels launching a major offensive in recent weeks from outside of Aleppo, trying to break the siege on the eastern half of the city and to take some key parts of the government-controlled west.

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