Little Western Support for Attacking Syria’s Assad

British FM: Attacks Still Possible 'in Principle'

While US and British officials have been talking up the idea of launching military strikes against Syria’s government, with the understanding that such an attack would also involve fighting the Russian military, there isn’t much interest in the idea among other members of the anti-ISIS coalition.

Secretary of State John Kerry conceded that Russia’s involvement likely played a factor in that, saying it “raises the stakes of confrontation.” British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson insisted such attacks were possible at any rate, but that there was “a lack of political appetite in most European capitals” for that sort of war.

Kerry was quick to insist that all options are on the table, and that the US will use “every mechanism available to us” to prevent the Nusra Front-held half of Aleppo from falling to the Assad government. He also warned that the fall of Aleppo wouldn’t mean the war was over anyhow.

It’s unclear how important European support for a war with Russia would be for the Obama Administration, as while President Obama has long sought to sell his wars as the result of international consensus, there seems to be growing support among his cabinet to shift their war away from ISIS and toward Assad, even if it includes war with Russia.

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  • Mark Thomason

    The growing support for attack on Syria is the hawks who always wanted it, who now see their opportunity with Hillary. They want to be out in front, to get power in a Hillary Admin for what they’ve always wanted to do.

  • richard young

    Yes, by all means we must oust the secular government of Syria and join forces with Al Qaeda (Al Nusra) to install a murderous Sunni extremist theocracy — which of course all freedom-loving Syrians would welcome. It seems to me that the appropriate course of action for us folks here, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, is to file a class action to have our political “leaders” (both Democratic and Republican) committed to a mental institution, as clearly being dangerous to themselves and others.

  • john

    Ya think? Europe already has 1/3 of Syria’s popluation I am thinking they don’t want even more refugees.

  • marc

    “….options on the table”. Where is this table? How much money do I have to donate to the Clinton Foundation or RNC to get a look at the “table” upon which global destruction sits? How big is this “table”?
    A warning to planet earth. Next time there are no paper towels in the washroom, “all options are on the table”. Mass murder to wiping my hands on my pants.
    How did we get to the point where complete idiots have such options to put on the table?

  • disqus_feN63FpcdG

    Removing Assad is what Israel wants. Then Israel can carve out a nice piece of Syria for greater Israel. Too bad the Russians won’t let them do it. Remember, the USA ALWAYS does what Israel wants.

  • Pat Dunne

    It is election time in the USA so nothing Kerry says can be believed as policy (even if the USA ever had a policy ) this latest meeting was simply some drama to keep the media pumping out propaganda against evil Assad. Russia is well aware of the lame duck president and how Clinton will invade Syria unless Syria can liberate the western and some northern regions in the next 90 days.