Syria Vows ‘Comprehensive’ Ground Invasion of Aleppo

Heavy Airstrikes Intended to Clear Way for Invasion

With people inside the Nusra Front-controlled half of Aleppo reporting the heaviest airstrikes they’ve seen in months of fighting, Syrian officials are being quoted in the nation’s state media as saying that the airstrikes are a preparatory move to set the stage for a full-scale ground invasion.

The official said the offensive would be “comprehensive,” and could last for quite some time, suggesting that the Syrian government may finally believe it has the advantage needed to take over the all-important city, a goal sought by several factions throughout the civil war.

Fighting over Aleppo began way back in 2012, with the government and the rebel factions of the time both predicting a quick victory, and saying the fight would be the decisive one in the Civil War. Instead, the fight quickly stalemated, and several other factions have joined in, trying to take the once hugely important city, but none successfully.

At this point, the city is divided roughly in half, with the government controlling one half, and the Nusra Front controlling the other. It remains to be seen, even if the government managed to take the whole city, how important it would be in the overall war anymore, since the city has been badly damaged by years of fighting.

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  • Bianca

    Hitler destroyed many cities but people defended them. There is now hope that the population kept hostage by Al-Nusra may see freedom again. They will rebuild their city. On the government side a famous hotel is still open — but for refugees. There Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Orient Express. The owner stillives there and hopes thst ghey will see peace again soon.

  • Valle

    And, as we go past the 15th anniversary of 9-11, we get to listen to the US gov and the mainstream media cry about how Al-Qaeda being bombed and driven out of a city they’d conquered.

    Meanwhile, the recent coverage of the 15th anniversary gave very little attention to all the rights and liberties that Americans have lost so that we can fight Al-Qaeda.

  • Bill Rood

    Between 45k to 70k Syrian soldiers and their allies are reportedly involved around Aleppo and 20k to 25k terrorists are inside the city. We are unable at this time to narrow the numbers down more precisely.

    Thus, eliminating the terrorists from E. Aleppo will free up 45-70K soldiers to force terrorists out of other areas and close off border areas.

    They have dropped leaflets all over E. Aleppo promising civilians will not be harassed and 100% amnesty for any Syrian fighters that surrender. No mention of how foreign fighters will be treated. Those who choose not to surrender before the advance starts will not be treated as kindly. Promises of amnesty have worked well in other areas.