Erdogan Accuses US of Major Arms Shipment to Syrian Kurds

Warns US Will Never Defeat ISIS With the Kurds

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today claimed that the US has sent two planeloads of weapons into northeastern Syria and gave them to the Kurdish YPG. The Pentagon has not confirmed the shipment, but there were reports in the last couple of days that the administration was planning such a move.

Erdogan was unhappy with the shipments, of course, reiterating that Turkey considers the YPG a “terrorist” organization, and adding that he had already raised his objections to the US government.

Erdogan also warned that the US would never be able to “finish off” ISIS with the Kurds as their ally, insisting that one terrorist group couldn’t wipe out another. Turkish officials have been trying to convince the US that the invasion of the ISIS capital, Raqqa, must exclude the Kurds entirely, despite them being the main faction in the area.

Turkey has offered substantial support for such an offensive, so long as the Kurds aren’t involved, but it remains unclear where the backbone of this fighting force would come from, with only a few dozen US troops in Syria and Turkey’s own force backing a small, mostly Islamist rebel force spread awfully thin.

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  • Bianca

    How are Kurds a factor in Raqqa? The arms are more likely to be smuggled to Al-Nusra which is in dire straits after being cut off. An important supply stash has been taken out by Russian mises from Mediterranean. It was in caves in hills nesr Aleppo. According to Iranian news agency some foreign advisers to Al-Nusra were killed. Things are getting tight. Groups working with Al-Nusra are starting to abandon the ship in spite of the threat if US sanctions. I had to check that twice — we are sanctioning a group
    for abandonimg Al-Nusra. With Turkey in the region many groups will try to save themselves seeking protection and fighting under its command. We may see an exodus. Corridors for civilians exist but it is more likely that various militants will try to use them.

    • GeorgyOrwell

      Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns?

      Since ancient times an army required significant logistical support to carry out any kind of sustained military campaign. In ancient Rome, an extensive network of roads was constructed to facilitate not only trade, but to allow Roman legions to move quickly to where they were needed, and for the supplies needed to sustain military operations to follow them in turn.

      In the late 1700′s French general, expert strategist, and leader Napoleon Bonaparte would note that, “an army marches on its stomach,” referring to the extensive logistical network required to keep an army fed, and therefore able to maintain its fighting capacity. For the French, their inability to maintain a steady supply train to its forces fighting in Russia, and the Russians’ decision to burn their own land and infrastructure to deny it from the invading forces, ultimately defeated the French.

      Read the article at:

    • Bill Rood reported that the caves destroyed were a C&C center manned by Western intelligence agents, and that their destruction was necessary prep for the assault on E. Aleppo city.

  • GeorgyOrwell

    Warns US Will Never Defeat ISIS With the Kurds

    Perhaps that was never the goal? Perhaps this ‘dispute’ between two NATO allies is all theatre and smokescreen? Perhaps the American people who swallow all off this are really really REALLY dumb?

    • Bingo!

    • The US has every intention of joining the Turks in f**king the Syrian Kurds and “inadvertently” fueling ISIS. They just have to pretend that it was a hard decision for them to make in order to save face with the Iraqi Peshmerga.

  • wootendw

    Although he doesn’t deserve it, Erdogan would be better off dropping the USG as an ‘ally’ and getting closer to Russia. Putin doesn’t like Erdogan but wants stability and that means no border changes – in Syria or anywhere else. The USG encouraged Turkey and the Gulf states to fund, arm and send terrorists to Syria so they could break it up and give out chunks to their ‘friends’.