NYC Bomber’s Father Told Police His Son Was a Terrorist in 2014

FBI Opened Assessment Into Accusation

Despite repeated claims by officials that Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man arrested yesterday for the weekend bombing in Manhattan, wasn’t on anyone’s radar, it turns out that the FBI had opened an assessment against him in 2014 related to his father, Mohammad Rahami, accusing him of being a terrorist.

It’s sort of an odd situation. Ahmed Rahami was arrested by New Jersey police over a fight with one of his brothers, in which he stabbed him. His father made the terrorist claim after the stabbing, but recanted when questioned by the FBI, and officials concluded he was just mad about the stabbing. The FBI added they were convinced he had no terror ties.

It is unclear if the FBI ever directly talked to Ahmed Rahami in the assessment. Rahami spent three months in jail over the stabbing incident, though he was never actually indicted over it, and was just there waiting for them to decide on that.

According to Mohammad Rahami, the FBI told him after the two month assessment in 2014 that he was “not a terrorist,” adding “he’s clean, he’s not a terrorist, I say O.K.. Now they say he is a terrorist. I say O.K.”

While there isn’t a lot of evidence connecting the younger Rahami to jihad, police claim to have found, and shot, a notebook belonging to him in which he expresses opinions “sympathetic to jihadist causes.” In the book he praised US-born cleric Anwar Awlaki, who the Obama Administration assassinated.

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  • GeorgyOrwell

    Another sure sign that all is not as it seems to be. How many examples have we had before where the bad guys were already on the authorities radar screen? Incompetence or something way more sinister?

    How much incompetence is too much incompetence before incompetence is no longer believeable? What is the point of data-mining everybody and everything and storing it all and building dossiers on every American when the fu-king suspects father calls up the FBI two years ago and says his son might be a terrorist?

    When things don’t appear to make sense, you can bet they do make sense, but just in some other way.