Syria Ceasefire Collapses in Wake of Weekend US Airstrikes

Syria Ceasefire Collapses in Wake of Weekend US Airstrikes | Syria, Russia scramble to retake territory lost to ISIS

The Syrian ceasefire formally ended today, with the Syrian military announcing it was no longer sustainable amid growing rebel strikes. This was seen as all but inevitable since Saturday, when a botched US airstrike killed 83 Syrian soldiers and allowed ISIS to advance into crucial area around the Deir Ezzor Airport.

The ceasefire was already fraying, and the US airstrike effectively obliged Syria and Russia to launch renewed airstrikes against ISIS in the area around Deir Ezzor, if only to try to reclaim some of the territory the US strike cost them around the vital airport.

The truce began last Monday evening, and was a rousing success for the first few days, with no civilian deaths for several days, giving the country a rare period of calm after several years of war. There were some skirmishes reported later in the week, however, and then the US strike, by far the deadliest incident of the week, set off a powderkeg.

US officials are still trying to deal with the narrative surrounding the calamitous attacks, with Australian, British, and Danish warplanes now believed to have participated in some 20 minutes of strikes against the Syrian military base.

US officials are also speculating that the soldiers killed might have also been a battalion of former prisoners, saying that might’ve explained why they “looked like ISIS” to US officials. This is not confirmed, and appears to just be random US comments.

Either way, the attacks dramatically weakened Syrian defenses in the area, and ISIS was quick to take advantage. It also sparked a new row between the US and Russia, as US officials responded to Russia’s call for an emergency UN Security Council meeting with angry condemnation.

The US had sought to avoid UN Security Council oversight of the truce in the first place, with the council forced to cancel a previously planned meeting on the ceasefire because the US refused to allow the terms of the deal to be publicly discussed. Much of the truce was a secret for its entire duration. They accused Russia of trying to “score points” by complaining about the airstrikes.

It’s hard to see that another ceasefire would be attempted any time soon, with Russia still irked by the way this one ended, and US officials seem eager to shift focus back toward complaining about the Syrian government.

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  • Kev

    “a botched US airstrike killed 83 Syrian soldiers”

    It wasnt botched, they know what they were doing. AND they coordinated the attack with ISIS.

    Any calm and rational study of what happened here makes it all too clear who the terrorists are

  • Gary Sellars

    Despicable Uh’Murikkkan bstards….

    • EAGLE

      Geez guys the Syrian Regime and it’s Russian masters just bombed and killed aid convoys trying desperately to reach a bunch of starving kids and there family’s.Wheres the outrage people??? O…i forgot your ok with the bomb a dropping the children being slaughtered the starving of the masses when there doing it just not when America is doing it…I see your really not for peace your for Russian propaganda

      • The only people here whom I know to be okay with anyone dropping bombs on anyone else are people like you. Opposing US intervention in Syria is not the same as supporting the Assad regime or Russian intervention.

        “America” isn’t doing anything. American politicians are having the US armed forces do things. Bad things. With the support of useful idiots like you.

        • EAGLE

          I hear ya Mr.Knapp mystical master…but while u criticize our military and defend our adversaries I’m going to stick up for my country.I bet you feel brave Mr.Wizard typing all tough on your phone your a conspiracy theorist who still plays at home with toys I bet you think you’ve got magic powers…hahaha no disrespect but you got your opinion and I’ve got mine.If you hate America so much move to Syria go stay in Aleppo see if your magic can stop an incoming missle from one of Assads warplanes…Men playing magic can’t make this stuff up

          • If you stuck up for your country, you wouldn’t be advocating its destruction, day in and day out.

            Project much? Someone here is good at hiding behind a keyboard, but it’s not me — I’ve spent time in the Middle East behind a rifle instead of just talking shit about it.

          • EAGLE

            I live in Texas you know why no country will ever invade us because we have Guns and besides the fact we have them all surrounded and nukes aimed at them from every direction our population doesn’t take shoot from no one….Honestly if you don’t like living in the most POWERFUL country in the world move to Russia or China …

          • Idiotland

            Do you really enjoy making an a** out of yourself?

          • EAGLE

            I won’t even respond to a guy who calls himself idiotland.Must be from Russia

          • GeorgyOrwell

            “I’m gping to stick up for my country”
            Let me root, root, root for the home team,
            If they don’t win, it’s a shame.
            For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,

          • EAGLE

            One two three strikes from our numerous Nuclear Triad positions!!!USA

      • TellTheTruth-2

        Humanitarian … that’s the battle cry of the Ziocon war mongers.

  • lannyboy

    Humanitarian aid trucks are used to deliver weapons. Both the US and the Russian’s do this.

  • Observer

    This was on purpose these airstrikes against the Regulars of Syria. I have no doubt about that. And ISIS is a proxy army of the Pentagon.
    The US-GOV was NEVER seriously interested in a ceasefire. They and there zionist puppet master want Syria to be destroyed so that the last independent arab nation in the neighbourhood of the tiny aggressive little state called “Israel” is satisfied.

    • TellTheTruth-2

      True; but, they want to destroy Iran too.

  • Lua OS

    I think the American time is ending.

  • GeorgyOrwell

    Syria Ceasefire Collapses in Wake of Weekend US Airstrikes
    Perhaps that was exactly the point?

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Let’s face it .. the only reason the US wants cease fires is so they can re-arm and renew the attack when they have. Unless the Ziocon war mongers are stopped, there will NOT be peace in the world.

  • RD1485

    Russia and Syria should declare a no-fly zone, Syria has the sovereign right to do so, China sends navy also, Iran sends troops to help Syria, and the US is shown the door by force.

  • leggal eagle

    Besides the Antarctic Treaty the US has not lived up to a single treaty they have signed. Their word isn’t worth the paper it is written on, and this proves it again one more time.

  • America’s little romp around the Levant is just full of all these little “accidents.” Funny how they all seem to benefit the same lunatics. I mean, not ha-ha funny but funny-strange as the comedian would say. What a sick bunch of strange comedians those Americans are.

  • Mikronos

    The current American ‘narrative’ is that EVERYTHING is Russia’s fault. Dier ez Zor, the UN convoy, the failed truce … Putin did it.

    If nothing else it keeps things simple for the stupid.