Clinton Won’t Reject Idea Bombings Were Russian Plot for Trump

Clinton Won’t Reject Idea Bombings Were Russian Plot for Trump | Accuses Trump of giving ‘aid and comfort’ to ISIS

Blaming Russia has been the go-to strategy for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton since the convention, and that appears unchanged today, with reporters asking if Clinton was concerned that the weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey were a Russian plot to try to get Donald Trump elected.

An absurd question, but Clinton was very specific in not saying no, instead insisting only that she didn’t “want to speculate” and then launching into a diatribe accusing Trump of boosting ISIS with his campaign rhetoric throughout the election cycle.

Clinton cited former CIA Director Michael Hayden’s claim that Trump is “being used as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists,” and even accused Trump of “giving aid and comfort” to ISIS with his comments. She went on to insist she is the only candidate who knows how to fight terrorism.

Over the past day, both Clinton and Trump also accused ISIS of rooting for the other side to win the election, with Clinton insisting her administration would be “going after the bad guys” and not the entire Muslim faith. Trump responded by claiming ISIS “want her so badly to be our president.”

Clinton’s campaign has explicitly blamed Russia for previous incidents harmful to her campaign, and have openly accused Trump of being “a Kremlin puppet,” insisting that the Russian government was making serious efforts to get Trump elected.

This centered primarily on hacking incidents targeting the Democratic Party, which they have claimed were done by the Russian government, despite a paucity of evidence to that effect. While accusing them of bombing New York would be much more extreme, Clinton’s refusal to dismiss the idea out of hand suggests the campaign wants to keep that speculation alive, at least for the time being.

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  • lemur

    That woman is totally mental aside from being a money hound. Did she find Pepe the Sadfrog yet?

  • EME

    openly accused Trump of being “a Kremlin puppet,” insisting
    that the Russian government was making serious efforts to
    get Trump elected…

    A good ‘Red Scare’ conspiracy theory will keep (us) masses
    occupied until the November ‘Dog & Pony’ Show.

  • O rly

    i have never dreaded an election more than this one.

    any more than the lowest voter turnout in history will prove american is hopeless.

    • dahoit

      Ah,poor poor you.
      Their is only one choice for POTUS;Donald Trump.

      • jeff_davis

        Bingo!, dahoit.

        Gotta love how the limousine liberals are wallowing in an orgy of self-righteous outrage tinged with despair. Saw them at the emmys, all the pretty people decked out in their glam rags, clutching their little statues, and intoning their “we’re smarter and better than the deplorables and we just absolutely hate that devil Trump”. Made my heart sing.

        Make movies/tv, entertain us, we love it. Enjoy your success, your prosperity, your Lexus, your West Hollywood “cottage”, your fantasy notions of life immersed in your Hollywood bubble. Enjoy your opinions, speak your mind, But leave reality-based thinking to Trump and the deplorables who actually live in the real world.

        • O rly

          i am not a liberal
          i have never watched the emmys
          i have not watch a hollywood movie since 2004
          i have not watched tv since the same year.

          but i have lived near enough to trumps real estate to know how he does business

          let the tax payer subsidies his luxury apartment complex


        • O rly

          “(1) Nuke Israel, and (2) invade, conquer, and de-Wahhabify Saudi
          Arabia, and you will have peace in the world. Putin needs to “do”
          Israel and Trump needs to do the Saudis.

          There are other more
          creative, more pragmatic, more realistic, more complicated, more
          dispassionate, less outrage-fueled, and less destructive ways to solve
          the Zionist psycho-killer problem. I would certainly, rationally,
          advocate them in preference to the “nuclear option”, but humans are
          creatures of passion, so on the basis of emotional appeal, “nuke ’em” —
          logically but regrettably — gets the top slot.”

          Posted by you right defending the candidate that has pledged UNLIMITED SUPPORT FOR ZIONISM

      • O rly

        oh you mean the candidate that has pledged “UNLIMITED AID” to israel?

        • EAGLE

          You people make me laugh no one will EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Dare bomb our positions anywhere we’re amassing our NATO positions right on Russia’s borders flying missions on there doorsteps and no one’s shot us out the sky yet wanna know why because they’re afraid…Plwase be realistic when you talk about attacking America don’t leave out what the response would be…A NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE for any country dumb enough to try it…USA

          • “You people make me laugh no one will EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Dare bomb our positions anywhere”

            Have you been asleep for the last 50 years, Rip Van Winkle? Ever heard of the MNF barracks in Beirut? How about Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia? World Trade Center ring any bells?

            It’s only mid-week, but I think I have a winner for “Dumbest Thing Tom Has Read This Week.”

          • O rly

            How is that a response to what i said?

  • dahoit

    Will someone push her off a cliff already.
    An absurd delusional deranged bubbleheaded moron.
    Poison skittles?The company didn’t like Trumps analogy?WTF?I guess the zionists own that company too.

  • GeorgyOrwell

    Politicians are very very perceptive of exactly how ‘terrorism’ helps politicians but only when it is their apponents?

  • JimBass56

    Some conspiracy theories are more equal than others.

  • MvGuy

    OMG… Hillary is claiming, only she can defeat ISIS…..??? Hey… Maybe true… after all, who would know better how to destroy an organization better than the person that created it. The only question would be …….WHY…..?????? As in why would she want to destroy HER foreign legion….. The one she created to take out Assad and destroy Syria to ingratiate herself to her Neocon handlers….

    • Bianca

      Wrong…she is THE neocon. The Queen Bee. I have no understanding what will it take for us to see her for what she is, not for what the Democratic machine is selling her as. She is deliberately seeding paranoia in US public, as she is determined to try to hit Russia in some way. It only remains to be seen, how, where and when. Not if. She is the person that tried all the dirty tricks to prevent Obama from winning the candidacy in 2008. And for those that have not forgotten it, it is chilling that she could actually become the president.
      I can safely say that she can forget the return of those happy days when Russian slaves were sold from the Crimea ports from 8th through 18th century. Untold tens of millions. And when the very word “slave” came into French, German and English from their Slavic ethnicity. This is how many an European fortune in gold were made, and the sale of slaves to power Venetian galleys — the foundation of our banking system in Venice. The days when it was possible to send a train full of smart revolutionaries from Germany to destroy Russian empire and bring about the permanent revolution, and the first modern globalist agenda. In spite of all the efforts to destroy it, Russia is still here. And probably stronger then it has been in its Tsarist era, or Soviet times. Because it is no longer run by out of touch aristocracy, nor globalist communist visionaries. And if somebody attacks it, does not profit from it. Georgia did not profit, and Ukraine did not. But the ideological Hillary is too much under the spell of those whose obsession with Russia is immense, and whose historic guilt is so enormous, that it can only be resolved by demonizing its victim.
      I am amazed that we are still writing this whole bizarre obsession as nothing more then politics. It is something much more sinister, as it is clouded into myth and false sense of one’s own superiority.
      And they blame Trump for being racist and supremacist. We are indeed living in interesting times. Hubris and Nemesis.


    Is there any level to which she will not stoop?

  • huryyup

    America, teach the world about democracy. Those deplorables outside
    your borders long to learn.