As Syria Ceasefire Deal Solidifies, Attacks Escalate

Heavy Airstrikes Reported in Idlib and Aleppo, Scores Killed

The US-Russia ceasefire deal for Syria, scheduled to begin on Monday evening, looks to be on fairly steady footing, with the Syrian government quick to endorse it, along with at least some of the rebel factions. Turkey, which invaded Syria just two weeks ago, has also signed on.

The main Saudi-backed faction, the High Negotiations Committee, is still uncommitted, claiming that they haven’t received the text of the deal from either the US or Russia yet, and that they doubted the Syrian government, which again has already confirmed it will participate, will do so.

The possibility of a ceasefire coming into effect in about 48 hours, as is so often the case, has led to a significant increase in fighting on several fronts, as everybody attempts to score some last minute gains before the clock runs out, hoping they can reinforce tenuously-acquired territory when the ceasefire goes into effect.

Over 80 people were killed in airstrikes alone, according to reporters on the scene, as airstrikes against Nusra Front holdings in Idlib Province killed at least 36 people, and airstrikes against Nusra territory in Aleppo killed another 45.

Nusra shelling of the government-held half of Aleppo killed at least 10 more civilians, according to reports, and five others were killed in fighting around Damascus. Nusra is not going to be a party to the new ceasefire, so it remains to be seen if it will have any impact at all on Aleppo fighting.

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