Turkish Airstrikes Destroy Four ISIS Sites in Northern Syria

Turkish-Backed Rebels Seize Tel Ali Region From ISIS

At least four Turkish airstrikes were carried out today against targets in northern Syria, described as ISIS “quarters” in four regions in northern Syria. Casualties are unclear, but Turkish media claimed at least one ISIS fighter to have been killed.

The strikes included areas in and around Tel Ali, and Turkish media claimed that Turkish-backed rebels, linked to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), had captured the region away from ISIS over the course of today’s offensive.

Turkey invaded northern Syria late last month, with an eye toward securing a 90-km strip of the border for the rebel faction. They’ve taken the territory strictly along the border, and have been pushing further south over the past few days, deeper into ISIS territory.

As ISIS starts to run out of nearby territory, the next likely targets are to be Kurdish territory along the Euphrates River, with Turkey making repeated demands for the Kurdish YPG to cede all territory west of the river, and rejecting US claims that the Kurds have already done so.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.