US Sends More Ground Troops to Iraq Ahead of Planned Mosul Invasion

DIA Chief: Battle Will Begin in Next Two or Three Months

Pentagon officials are confirming that another round of US ground troops has been deployed to Iraq this week, adding to an already substantial number of combat troops in a war that the Obama Administration has repeatedly promised would be “no boots on the ground.”

The “official” deployment is said to be 400 more troops, bringing the official number of US troops in Iraq to 4,460. This is only a fraction of the overall deployment, however, which is believed to be in excess of 6,000 troops now, with the rest as “temporary” troops of indefinite period.

These latest troops are part of the planned invasion of Mosul, the largest city held by ISIS. DIA chief Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart says that the invasion will begin in the next two or three months, adding that it’s going to be a difficult urban battle.

ISIS has held Mosul for over two years now, and while officials have tried to present ISIS as on the ropes, it is doubtless this will be by far the largest fight in the ISIS war in Iraq, and despite them nominally being “advisers” US troops look to be right in the middle of things.

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  • curmudgeonvt

    “…next two or three months…”

    Sounds like that will most likely be after the election. A little parting gift for the new Occupant from Obama?

    • DaveJoe

      The soldiers have hover-boots on. The peace president did say that there will be no boots on the ground

    • Chris Randolph

      I wouldn’t be surprised if these degenerates attack as the polls close.

  • JimBass56

    Mission Accomplished. Again. And again. And……but hey, why not, the US still occupies Germany and Japan and it’s been, what, 70+ years?

  • armando borghi

    “There will be no boots on the ground.” Another horrendous humongous lie repeated as recently as Odin’s Day and Thor’s Day by Lady McDeath. She’s so accustomed to lying that for as long as I’ve been unfortunately aware of her it’s been part of her daily normal ritual.

    Why does a business person or anyone else seeking a competitive edge or advantage over another and who deliberately lies to sell a product or gain something face prison and or fines but scum bucket bottom feeding politicians and their media sycophants do not?

    Why do the media and the politicians accept barry obamanothercountry’s definition of bombings being permissible and not not being immoral and illegal acts of war as long as there are no boots on the ground- and why do they get away with selling this despicable Orwellian nonsense to the clueless public.

    Put their gnarly asses and those of the 1% global capitalists and bankers everywhere that is under siege. Send them to the front lines. Let them suffer the horrors of war. Make them fund the death and destruction they hunger for. Stop them from riding on the backs of everyone else.

    No democrats. No republicans. No incumbents. No imperialism. No war. No arms dealing. No surveillance.No poverty. We need to change.

  • Mark Thomason

    Hillary just said in the veteran’s meeting that she would “never” send troops to Iraq. Now we see there are already 6.000 there. Hillary was misleading. do they not count? Will she withdraw them? Will she send more who do not count either?

    • TellTheTruth-2

      No need to worry about what Hillary will do. She’ s going to jail; not to the White House.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    If the US wants to defeat ISIS, just eliminate the CIA.