Pentagon’s New ICBM Nuke to Cost at Least $85 Billion

Soaring Estimates Still Believed an Underestimate

Part of a massive multi-decade scheme of “modernization,” the US Air Force is planning a new ICBM nuclear weapons program to replace the Minuteman III. The Pentagon’s latest projections are that this will cost “at least” $85 billion.

That’s a huge increase, some 36% over the previous estimate they’d offered, but even this is being referred to by Pentagon officials as the “low end” of the potential cost, primarily there as a placeholder for the overall program’s soaring estimates.

Several major arms makers are bidding on the scheme, but analysts are warning that the growing cost estimates may have some in Congress finally balking at a plan which many have been warning could be a budget buster for decades to come.

The rising costs, and the growing admissions that even the estimates are probably too low, seem like they’d be a wake-up call for a modernization plan that many are believing will extend into the trillions of dollars over the next few decades. Though many officials continue to insist the expense is “necessary,” there is no clear visibility on where the money is going to come from.

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  • Marcus Aurelius Tarkus

    The study alone will cost at least $85 billion. After that, we may be talking real money.

    • Uncle Sam

      And it begins an updated Nuclear arsenal capable of ending an adversary countries existence a mobile miniaturized nuclear weapon more compact harder to track and more important harder to shoot down…I understand why the Americans have to upgrade due to the constant rhetoric from Putin about there nukes and its claims of it’s arsenals upgrade…The threats of China’s expansionist military capabilities on the military outpost it’s building in the South China sea which could give China a faster response to hitting or military and allies in the region.We have a duty to DEFEND our troops and the mainland wake up world WORDS ARE POWERFUL ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES…USA

    • Fiat money to be exact. Or just freshly printed paper.

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