ISIS Launches Flurry of Bombings Across Syria, Killing 53

Six Different Bombings Reported Across Country

Over the past couple of weeks, ISIS has found itself increasingly forgotten in Syria, with the focus on Turkey’s invasion, on Nusra’s fighting in Aleppo, and on Kurdish expansion around the Euphrates River. Today, ISIS looked to reassert themselves with a flurry of simultaneous attacks, killing at least 53 people according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The attacks involved six different bombings and hit pretty much every major target around in Syria, from the coastal city of Tartus to the northeastern city of Qamshili, along with Homs, Hasakeh, and all the way down to the suburbs of the capital city of Damascus.

This meant targeting several areas well outside of ISIS’ traditional areas in influence in Syria, and included some heavily guarded areas. The Damascus-area strike, for instance, hit a military checkpoint in a suburb that houses many Syrian military officers and their families.

The blasts targeted both the Syrian military and sites belonging to the Kurdish YPG. Notably, none of the attacks went after territory seized by Turkey and its allies, which over the weekend took materially ISIS’ entire border region between Syria and Turkey.

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  • Bianca

    Time to take it to those who bankroll the monster, give them all the logistics necessary to stay in the terrorizing business. No to oil from Saudi Arabia, no arms to Saudi Arabia, no mosques with Saudi money imposing Wahhabi sect teaching of Islam, no to anything with Saudi interests. Saudi Wahhabi sect is the inspiration behind the fundamentalist cult – Salafism. And it is at the core of all terrorist groups. And stop calling them moderate or radical. If they subscribe to Wahhabi teachings that are opposed to ALL secular institutions — and believe in medieval caliphate, a borderless entity subject to control of religious leaders. No boders, no state institutions, no elections, no secular criminal justice system, education system, or any non-religious authority over population. Trump has for the longest time advocated DEFINING this cult, but our leaders would not have it. “What difference does it make?” condescendingly avered Obama. What difference? To know that we are dealing with a Sate sponsored cults — and dealing with cults is something we need to know how to do. It is possible then to educate population, to understand how young and vulnerable, as well as emotionally disturbed people, marginalized and/or criminal — get drawn to the cult. Instead — to appease Saudi Arabia and Israel, US is doing NOTHING to identify the cult We see the result — the entire Moslem population will become target, and ridiculous crowd-pleasing “solutions” would be found like fighting the Moslem swimming suits. The damage from NOT defining is immense. We cannot engage Moslem population or their leaders — as our approach is vague, and tends to point finger at all Moslems. The worst is Hillary — she is being soooo inclusive, and “loves’ Moslems, but her policies are the ones that support the very Saudi Arabia, arming it for decades — so that they can supply this cult causing havoc in many Moslem countries. Asian countries are now concerned about the spread of such groups. I guess that is what Hillary meant by Pivot to Asia.
    If we do not identify the cult, their easily recognizable characteristics, and if we do not stop it at the source — it is just a game now both the establishment Democrats and Republicans play. Bernie Sanders was no better. He is vague on issues of global interventionism, and pretended he did not really know where is the head of the snake.

    • Voltaire

      The United States Israel and Saudi Arabia represent the new Axis of Evil

      The United States with its repeated illegal invasions, regime changes and atrocities….

      Saudi Arabia for its support of Wahhabi terrorists since 1979 in Afghanistan…with the CIA, supported by the United Stated, of course…

      And Israel with its apartheid, racist ethnic cleansing policies for the last 47 years, supported by the United States, of course

      Shame on all thee proven war criminals….

    • milomonkey

      but america herself is riding the cult and using it to her own interest..

      just like the lady who ride the tiger and drunk with blood of innocents, in due time the tiger will turn on her and devour her..

      people in the world wanted peaceful trade with each other and the so called nation of liberty and freedom is the one fanning the flame of war..

      their pride and foolishness led them to demonize russia and china at the same time.. and with their military exhausted and taxing their treasury , they will do what other empires did , go to war