FBI Report: Clinton Staffer Put Emails in Someone’s Gmail Account, Lost Backups

Laptop, Other Backups, 'Lost in the Mail'

A newly released, heavily-redacted report on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email mishandling reveals not just the comedy of errors by which Clinton used a private email server for classified data, and kept few to know proper records, but also of the period after her tenure, in which they were trying to back things up.

This centered around former Clinton aide Monica Hanley being given an Apple MacBook from the Clinton Foundation, and talked through the process of backing up the contents of the private email server both to the laptop and to a thumb drive.

The laptop and thumb drive were to be stored at Clinton’s residence, but Hanley “forgot” to hand them over. In 2014, she was contacted about it, and tried to transfer the email archive by way of an IT company. After that failed the emails were “transferred to an unnamed person’s personal Gmail account.”

This “unnamed person” then deleted the emails from the laptop, and put it in the mail. It was never seen again, and neither Hanley nor this person, whose name is repeatedly redacted, have any idea where either the laptop or the thumb drive ended up.

Clinton generally accessed the email server through a Blackberry, though the FBI report also makes mention of possible use of an iPad. She went through at least 13 Blackberries over the course of the period, with Hanley reportedly buying most of them at DC-area AT&T stores. Justin Cooper, a former aide of Bill Clinton was charged with destroying the ones she was done with, at least a couple of times by way of a hammer, though the report suggested that the Blackberries routinely went missing.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • HillaryofArabia

    Is there a way to explain this story in three simple sentences, explaining the infraction, who did it, and who was the person who did it answerable to, i.e., who was their direct supervisor?

    The Clinton gambit is to make this type of thing needlessly obtuse. What was the crime, what was the punishment, who gets fired, who needs to flip in order to stay out of prison. This is classified information. Putting air quotes on “forgot” does not help me determine who should get put in front of a firing squad. This was poorly reported.

    • Bianca

      You are clearly living in the real world. Not in the world of the exceptional. They have an entirely different matrix, different system all together, and naturally, different reporting.

  • genco

    Unnamed, forgot, deleted. It’s disgusting, insulting, and revolting that a greedy, mean spirited, war monger puppet believes that the amercan people are dumb enough, lazy enough, and uncaring enough to believe the horseshit that spews from her mouth and the mouths of her aides and the pezzonovante pulling her strings. Always, too many excuses and too much blame being shifted onto others. I’m shocked she didn’t, again, blame Putin. Her lies read like she’s too dumb to get a headache-despite, or more likely, because of the exceptionalism propaganda courses she completed in ivy league schools.

  • Bianca

    Chosen, that is, exceptional people do not need to explain themselves to peasants. Those lies she tells are just the necessary “noble” lies that elite has to tell. Because the elite knows how to manage the world, and what it will take to completely dominate it. But like an imperial death star, the Hubris of the Imperial design has a vulnerability. Nemesis already stalks the halls and palaces, and if Clintonites are not so full of themselves, would be able to sense its presence and feel its chill. Even though trillions will disappear down her Rabbit Hole to the deserving mouths of all those who serve her clique, that would be the least of our problems. She will not have a remorse if millions are killed to prove her superiority. Cruel, smug, confident — but ultimately, that will do her in. Daily, rescuers are fishing out babies from Mediterranean, yet, it does not reflect upon her, that she condemned the people of Libya to anarchy, misrule of warlords, misery, pain and despair. And what does it speak of us, who will cheerfully elect her — to finally spread her wings, and kill, kill, kill.

    • MarkD

      Anyone out there ever tried to send a large file via gmail? 50,000 plus archived emails would be around 1tb. Its impossible to send that via gmail!!

      • MarkB

        That should read 1gb above. There is a 25mb limit on attachments. if it was bigger than that “up to 10gb” it could be sent via google drive. Which would mean its still out there and available.. but that wasnt an option in 2014. Another lie?

        • Bianca

          Endless pack of lies — nit even good ones. She knows that her circle is unvulnerable — and they control all the press . My goodness it is like Austria before WWI. The greedy money classes ran wild while old aristocacy lost all bearings in the midern world. The money crowd controlled all the major papers in Vienna. And the vicious campaign started to push Austria into war with Serbia. Their campaign was strewn with massive lies and emotional appeal. It was a pure luck that an underage high schooler assasinated Ferdinand in Sarajevo. And they had their splendid wars — getting the aristocracy bankrupt, ending the empire while collecting handsomely from barons with great paintings, jewery and classic instruments but no money to their name. This time losers will be her enemies and the pauperized taxpayer. And we will all take it — as media whips all into
          a patriotic frenzy.