US Moves Nuclear Weapons From Turkey to Romania

Romanian Foreign Ministry 'Strongly Denies' Report

After weeks of speculation about the security of US tactical nuclear weapons inside Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, reports are emerging that the US is in the process of moving the weapons to Deveselu, in Romania.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry has “strongly denied” that this was the case, while the US Air Force refused to make specific comments on the matter, saying it was “speculation.” The reports broke at Euractiv, which only mentioned “more than 20” weapons. Previous reports have suggested the US had as many as 50 weapons there.

A report earlier this week cautioned that the weapons are at risk of seizure so long as they remain in Turkey, just 70 miles from the Syrian border. Several former officials have noted that the weapons have no practical utility, and are simply a liability these days.

The redeployment of the weapons to Romania is said to have “enraged Russia,” in as much as it is bringing those arms closer to the Russian frontier. They are not, however, believed to amount to any change in the balance of power in the region, since the weapons are virtually unusable without risking an escalation to full-scale nuclear war.

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  • Mark Thomason

    There is nothing in Romania that could deliver those weapons. They are just a vulnerability stored there.

    They are much too close to potential attack on that storage site. There is no good reason to leave them exposed there, such as a nearby delivery system.

    Therefore, I suspect they’ll move on as soon as arrangements can be made, unless this is seen as temporary before putting them back where they’ve just come from.

    • boxofvapor

      I believe they are actually talking about nuclear missiles.

      • TellTheTruth-2
      • Mark Thomason

        No they are gravity bombs, technically B61 bombs, by all reports claiming actual detail.

        No every fighter plane can deliver them, since it is not just dropping them, it is the specialized arming functions. The US has not such planes there, and not all US planes could do it. None in Turkey could do it, which was an oddity of those bombs being left there.

        • MvGuy

          Just gotta love this Turkey coup mess HRC & VJN have made. So much for “0”s legacy of competence and professionalism. He cums into office and pulls a Trojan Whorse routine… with all of the Bush hawks, sets up and takes out Gaddafi. Then he lets Hillsry create ISIS with all the jahhadis and their guns off to Syria for another Great Hillary snuff… only now it looks like they lost Turkey just like they lost Crimea and Ukraine. Obama’$ ship of fools… Some Legacy….!!!!!

    • TellTheTruth-2

      As far as I’m concerned, there is no good reasons to have nukes anywhere.