US Ground Forces Active in Libya Fighting Around Sirte

US Ground Forces Active in Libya Fighting Around Sirte | Officials: Troops operating out of base on city’s outskirts

US special forces have been on the ground in Libya for months, though when the war against ISIS was expanded into the country last week with airstrikes on Sirte, Pentagon officials were quick to insist that there was no ground component to the new operation. That didn’t last long.

Now, officials are conceding that a “small number” of special forces are operating out of a unity government base on the outskirts of Sirte, supporting the ongoing attempts by the unity government’s forces to conquer the city, as well as forwarding targeting information to US warplanes bombing the city.

Details are still scant, and the officials quoted in the media on the matter insisted on anonymity, because officially the ground forces’ involvement in the war hasn’t been formally announced. The troops were originally sent to Libya to find potential allies for a war that officials had been talking about launching for a long time.

Ultimately, the US appears to have settled on the unity government as a faction to back, primarily because they were the ones who asked first, though they are but one of several would-be governments in the country, and other Western nations keen to get involved have been throwing their own support behind the Tobruk parliament. Though these two governments are both UN-backed they don’t like one another, meaning early plans for a joint Western war are in an uncertain state.

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  • RD1485

    “details are still scant”… another undeclared war.
    back in the day when the U.S. was a constitutional republic,
    this would have been an impeachable offense.

  • muggles

    Yes, by all means lets publicize American troops at Camp Hillary outside of Sirte. I’m sure the body count will rise and perhaps some will be captured and publicly executed.
    “She came, she saw, they died” Ha, ha, ha.
    And perhaps Hillary can explain to voters how the Libyans are better off today than they were before she decided to solve all of their problems.

    • Colly

      Behind the big smoke screen about ‘her experience’, it turns out that Hillary is massively incompetent at everything she does. Libya is one example, but only a relatively recent one that stretches back to her leading ‘health care reform’ and further back to bankrupt real estate investments in Arkansas.

  • John Wells

    Khadafy had all the terrorists in check in Libya until the Witch funded his overthrow.

    • Setty

      True for both Khadafy and Saddam. The one thing dictators have no use for is violent religious groups that think God (through them) needs to rule everyone.

      Fascinating that these days if one suggests that things have gotten worse and worse and worse with every US war and intervention, then that just proves you are a Putin-lover.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    What cost Israel and The Greater Israel Project?

  • Bill

    Anyone remember the ‘good ol days’ when Bush and Cheney wiped their rears with the US Constitution, especially the parts that prevented the Executive Branch from just starting wars on their own because the people of the era recognized that this was a long-standing threat to liberty?

    I guess they flushed it all away before they left, because these days Obama and crew don’t even use it to clean their heinies anymore. To them, it just don’t exist.

    And it gets worse if Hillary gets there. Hillary has shown back to her days as a corporate lawyer trading influence in Little Rock that she has no respect at all for any silly rules that might get in the way of her pocketing more money and grabbing more power.

    Of course, that was the worse nightmare of the patriots at the time the federal government was formed. That a corrupt President who would do anything for power would become President, and now all their Checks and Balances have been swept away.

  • PJ London

    Saif Qaddaffi son of Muammar Qaddaffi was released by his captors in May. (Minus his fingers)
    I predicted this action then, and I predict that he will lead a revolution against the American appointed governments. I also predict that about 90% of the population will support him.
    USA never learns.