ISIS Captures US Weapons, Equipment in Afghanistan

Pentagon Denies Report Soldier Was Captured Along With Gear

ISIS has issued photographs over the weekend showing a cache of US weapons that they captured in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province. The cache was said to belong to a soldier named Ryan Larson, and his military ID was also shown in the ISIS photographs.

Included in the weapons were grenades and a portable rocket launcher, along with a radio. The Pentagon denied reports that Larson had been captured as well, but did say that it was “unfortunate” that they’d lost the advanced equipment and the soldier’s ID to ISIS, claiming it had simply been left behind by mistake.

ISIS provided no explanation of how or when they came by the weapons, but the speculation right now is that they were captured after heavy fighting in late July, when US and Afghan forces fought against them in Nangarhar. Five US soldiers were wounded in the fighting, though Larson was not among the casualties, and the Pentagon maintains he is on active duty, albeit apparently without his ID.

The ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan is centered almost wholly around Nangarhar operationally, though it recruits from much of the nation. The group has been described as “operationally active,” though the Afghan government claimed in the past that they’ve virtually wiped ISIS out in offensives. Despite this, the group remains active.

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  • Mikronos

    The Marines ‘surged’ at a cost of almost a billion dollars to “wipe out” the Taliban safe havens in Helmand province. They effectively turned most of the civiilan population into refugees, who removed themselves to Kabul.

    Now the Taliban, apparently not as wiped as previously believed, rule Helmand Province.

    Same old, same old in a new, recycled, package.

    • TellTheTruth-2

      Just think .. IF .. if the US had provided evidence bin Laden did 911 the Taliban said they would have turned him over. But, evidence also says the Afghanistan war was planned before 911. When do the lies stop?

      • The lies never stop, because the excuses for wars are almost never the actual reasons for wars.

  • MissV

    How much did this cost the US taxpayers? The USA is arming the world. Why is our government allowed to get away with this? Who is going to be held responsible for this?

    Pentagon needs to have a complete OUTSIDE of GOVERNMENT investigation as well as an audit. Are these weapons we are sending to other countries taxed? Where does the money go? Why should taxpayers be responsible for the cost of war? The people don’t want it, only the government and corporations. I f they want war, let them pay for it!

  • GeorgyOrwell

    ISIS ‘captured’ American gear or it was delivered right on schedule?

    • TellTheTruth-2

      Troops running and leaving equipment behind = delivered.

  • Not captured, but air dropped in. Feb 19, 2015 ISIS was created by the CIA and Mossad

    This second link proves the news report from across the pond above accurate!

    February 21, 2015 ISIS seizes U.S.-made weapons

  • TellTheTruth-2

    ISIS provided no explanation of how or when they came by the weapons <— most likely from a CIA supply drop …