US Releases Libya Attack Video, But Details on Strikes Remain Unclear

Pentagon Offers Little Clarity on How Strikes Are Decided Upon

US Africa Command has released a new video showing some of the airstrikes being carried out against targets inside Libya, and offered a few details on some nine attacks carried out against the city of Sirte since beginning the offensive on Monday.

As AFRICOM tries to get a few details out there on the newest US war, it underscores just how little we know about the operation, in particular how the Pentagon is selecting targets and who exactly gets to authorize them. In that regard, officials offered little insight.

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook insisted there was “careful collaboration and coordination” on the targets, with information coming from the “unity government,” but did not say if American pilots could select targets of opportunity for airstrikes.

President Obama was said to have signed off on Monday’s strikes, and Cook said Gen. Waldhauer, the head of AFRICOM, has to approve every strike run that takes place. Pentagon officials, however, have denied that the US special forces active in
Libya are at all involved in this new war, though what exactly they’re doing is uncertain.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of