US Centcom Commander Denies Involvement in Turkey Coup

Terms Turkish Accusations of Complicity 'Unfortunate'

US Central Command (Centcom) has issued a statement on behalf of their commander, Gen. Joseph Votel, formally denying any involvement in the failed coup in Turkey earlier this month, saying any claims he had done so were “unfortunate and completely inaccurate.”

While Turkish officials, and the media have repeatedly talked of US involvement in the coup, Gen. Votel had mostly not been mentioned until yesterday, when he spoke at the Aspen Security Forum, saying that the post-coup purge was having “longer-term” damage on their militaries’ relationship, and on the war against ISIS.

President Erdogan responded to Votel’s comments with an angry rebuke, accusing him of taking “the side of the coup plotters.” Turkish officials have repeatedly insisted that anyone critical of the purge was supporting the coup, and adding that the “putschist is in your country already.”

Previous suggestions of US involvement centered on personnel stations at the Incirlik base, where a major anti-US protest was held yesterday, as well as Gen. John Campbell, the former commander of the Afghan War, who Turkish media outlets have claimed was the “mastermind.”

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  • Dennis Boylon

    Sibel’s take on it

  • survivor

    You are only a useful idiot for the criminal regime of the U.S. and when they have had enough of your independence, regardless if you are an elected government, they will remove you from power one way or the other. this is why they love training other militaries; it is so that they can use them to overthrow their govt. Just ask the Turks.

  • Bill Rood

    No honor among thieves.

  • hali karaca

    As Kemal Atatürk declared 90 years ago:
    Which country in the history if mankind benefited with advice of foreigners / enemies?
    One way to another enemies will exploited your resources / or weakness and that is the enemies national higher interest of any associations with Turkey.