Britain Forbids Military Chiefs From Discussing Chilcot Inquiry

Britain Forbids Military Chiefs From Discussing Chilcot Inquiry | Gag order seen worsening morale after report on Iraq disaster

The Chilcot Inquiry, a British government report on the illegality of the 2003 US-UK invasion and occupation of Iraq, is a huge issue in Britain, a country which has more than its share of huge issues lately. But while the British military is very much effected by the report, there is a deafening silence from their leadership.

It’s not by accident, as the Daily Telegraph reports that the Cameron government placed a blanket gag order over all military chiefs in the wake of the report’s release, not just forbidding them from making public statements, but also from sharing their views on the matter with soldiers.

The report noted, among other things, that then-Prime Minister Tony Blair had told US President Bush he was down for “whatever” with respect to the war nine months before the invasion, had launched a war despite Iraq’s Saddam Hussein posing no “imminent threat,” and that the British Defense Minister was slow in responding to needs for military equipment and had “wholly inadequate” plans for the post-war situation.

While Cameron appeared desperate to retain full communications control with the military in the wake of the report’s release, defense sources were said to be increasingly concerned about the damage it was having on military morale, less the report itself, although the Blair government’s failures certain raise a few eyebrows, but the total lack of comments from the military leadership, which officials say is giving the impression of a “leadership vacuum.”

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  • RickR35

    The title of “poodle” now comes with the job of PM it seems.

  • Don G.

    Scary in that when things get desperate with the truth coming out, something usually erupts to make it all appear better. Sort of like a ‘wag the dog’ incident only not in somebody’s imagination as was the case with Clinton, but real and dangerous for the victims. The logical victims are Iraq and Syria. And the logical scapegoat to change the subject would be Assad.

    Would the US and UK be so fu–ing braindead stupid as to try to call Russia’s and China’s hand. I think very unlikely under Obama so we will have to wait at least until Hillary or Trump.

    Faith in the Iraq war being valid in the minds of Blair’s supporters and Bush2’s supporters is slowly diminishing to where there is minimal support in the single digits per centage wise. Hardly any of the bastards have the balls to sing that tune anymore. Even the ones who try to claim that Saddam’s WMD’s were spirited away to Syria have been quieted by egg on their faces. It’s probably time to renew the illusion as this story tells us that in the UK it’s sadly needed.

    luv from Canada.

    • curmudgeonvt

      “…minimal support in the single digits per centage wise…”

      Care to cite your source? Just like to know where the numbers come from or whether they’re just your opinion, of which you are surely entitled.

      • Don G.

        My source is the most reliable source there could ever be. It’s the background noise coming from the people themselves. If you are an exception and believe the Iraq war was legitimate then let your voice be heard. Just be aware that even the neocons have admitted it was a mistake.

        All they haven’t admitted so far is that they knew at the time that there were no WMD’s. Even though Hans Blix and his team made it very clear they didn’t exist.

        Are you part of the covey of people remaining that insists those missing WMD’s were spirited away to Syria in the night by Russia? You too are entitled to your opinion! LOL

        • curmudgeonvt

          No, I’ve been against it all from the very, very beginning. All I asked for is your source for the numbers. Obviously, you don’t have any and therefore what you say regarding numbers can be discounted. Not to say that generally speaking the current trend is to admit it was a mistake but when someone who is not an expert, like you, I assume, start throwing around numbers that aren’t validated by fact then I tend to either question the statement or typically just blow them off as crap or wishful thinking.

          And if you had bothered to go back through some of my threads you would have known without a doubt where I stood but trollishly making inflammatory accusations is so much more fun.

          • Adriaan de Leeuw

            I have read this elsewhere and I did have it Past tense on Both my Computers HDD and an external drive but sadly both have died, am trying to get my son to resurrect both Drives!

  • Adriaan de Leeuw

    Actually the best thing they could do for a prosecution, UNTIL all avenues of a Domestic Prosecution are exhausted the ICC cannot start a prosecution in the ICJ in the Hague! Just keep it up Prosecution will happen one day, His Compatriot John Howard has a formal complaint lodges with the Court for War Crimes relating to the invasion of Iraq already!