Britain Could Stay in EU, or Close to It

Even UKIP Leader Sees Room for 'Compromise' on Brexit

One week has passed since British voters came out in favor of withdrawing from the European Union, a vote that sent the entire financial world into days of chaos, and sparked so much speculation about what happens next that it hasn’t left the headlines for a moment.

After a week of talking, there’s less clarity than ever, though a growing number of suggestions that Britain might stay within the European Union irrespective of the referendum, or that failing that they would reach some sort of compromise where they remain part of EU in everything but name.

There are several ways this could happen, including the largely anti-Brexit British government just plain ignoring the referendum, or Scotland “vetoing” it. Even negotiations with the EU could lead to a second referendum, which itself could amount to another chance to foil the actual departure.

Even Brexit advocates have talked about the need for major negotiations with the EU, with UKIP leader Nigel Farage suggesting a deal could be reached in which Britain retains membership in the European Economic Area and contributes taxes to the EU budget, despite “leaving” the union.

European officials right now are trying to downplay the chances of cutting a deal with Britain, an attempt to dissuade other nations from holding their own votes on leaving the union. At the same time, the actual Brexit is expected to take years on end, and that’s an awful lot of time for such sentiments to shift.

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  • curmudgeonvt

    So, the bottom line is that the 1% lost control of the narrative and allowed the unwashed to “win” one and now they’re panicking. Is this where it becomes evident even to the somnambulant masses that the last thing the elites want is for the masses to have a say about how society functions? If the elites get their way and somehow manage to toss the referendum results out the window will the regular fellow realize what happened and connect the dots? I’m betting they won’t but you just never know. Ask the Republicans about unintended consequences.

  • Jun 21, 2016 Brexit And The Agenda For World Government

    On June 23rd a “leave” vote for the UK in the brexit referendum could spell the beginning of the end for the global elite and while we here at Press For Truth don’t like to promote nationalism per se, we do see the potential for overriding the Bilderberg dream by supporting British nationalism and the brexit referendum.

  • Don

    Still, the most important part of the Brexit is that the US will be separated further away from influencing the EU through it’s lapdog, Britain.
    That’s encouraging but Americans don’t see their country as the bad guys and so won’t understand the big positive. The positive of course being that US cold war relations with Russia will become more difficult without the lapdog go-between. That’s the reason the US and British establishment is shitting their pants over their loss.

  • TheVavil

    The referendum result while technically only an “advisory” and not binding upon the government will be upheld.

    There can be no negotiations until Article 50 is signed.

    There can be no access to the single market without an agreement on the free movement of EU citizens.